Saturday, December 31, 2011

one little ;'(

Just a little later...i'm gonna leave this little space...andd gonna miss the little space i served myself my little breakfast, lunch and supper...gonna miss the time when i was so much happier with one peace i had here;)

hope time moves fast than i ever feel to have my own house...just for little one;'(

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

as promised

lunch-day 1

breakfast-day 2
as what have been promised, i started to take a look at my book and notes;D ok, let's talk about one of my subject..History of English! in class when Mr. Den was teaching about historical issues, King Philip, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth, Protestant time,i knew nothing of them and understood none of them..but i could understand when Mr. Den was rambling about something out of those thing..these two days i started to read the slides about history and my interest to history came as a surprise!

i am now become a bibik at encik yus and puan adriani house;p...i cooked for them yesterday;D
1. tempe+kentang goreng berlada
2. ayam sweet sour+mix vege
3. sup sayur
4. telur dadar
both of them never asked me to cook, but i am in such a big excitement as i step into their kitchen, feeling pulled forward to the kitchen and chopped everything in their refrigerator to be cooked! yayyy! and a mean of showing my deepest appreciation, literally, towards them for one moment's peace i feel stay in their sweet home;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

study ohh study

just got this lovely Mos & Co piece from kak yani as my birthday present! yayy!

hari ni dah masuk hari kedua aku kat umah abe lie n kak yani...semalam satu hari boleh dikatakan purata daripada masa aku dihabiskan dengan tido..hari ni dari pagi lagi aku duk makan xhenti-henti lagi...buku-buku, nota, laptop semua aku dah angkut turun bawah, sambil bukak tv, sambil duk gayut ngan mok, sebab umah abe lie pkai unify, so free nk gayut ngan number rumah...haha ok, lepas ni nk tutup laptop, nak start study...tapi mate pulak rase ngantuk, byk sgt mkn,muahaha

pesanan buat rakan-rakan: yaya, pora, nurah, pali, roy, ayie, megat...g study nuh blako. especially si ulat buku ainul,muahaha

Sunday, December 25, 2011

study week

meehon bandung+tea o+air suam;)
semua manusia kat UPM dah balik kampung termasuklah roomate-roomate aku..nak tengok cite hantu malam-malam pon dah jadi seram sebab tak de orang kat hostel...;D pegi cafe pon lampu dah malap,suram kat scary je..

study week orang lain balik kampung, aku stay konon nak buat fyp ngan study! tapi stok movie penuh dalam laptop! camne ek?? hahaha

Sunday, December 18, 2011

a day before yesterday

i am now browsing up through my friends' photo wedding...both of them are our schoolmates in pc..these 2, 3 days i kept texting him..ask him to look at their photos..and always ask him when will be our turn..since i have been told by my mom that there will only be a marriage once i got a job ;'( i could see the reason for that and agreed to say nothing for the time day before yesterday, he texted me through skype, "baby, i have snows for you";) he was outside, kept himself freezing and i could see that he was talking with half open mouth just to show me that it was snowing there..he rushed after his class because i could hear how his breath quickened..he pointed me how his car covered with the snow...then inside his house i saw all parts of his house, kitchen, bathroom, bed, tables which are loaded with my one-year-gift to him at most..then, my heart starts to tell will be going there much sooner eyes started to gleam because his act lends a certain air of sharing a love from the things to grow and he'd love to ask me to feel the snow and watch how it all unfold even we are thousand miles apart.. i shifted my sob from one to another until i began to smile once his joke always and will always be entertained me..ily..all i have to decide is what to do with the time i have given..hope that the year is later than i think...

i miss you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011


just in love with that head wrap..from him,wink3
Since it has been a long pause, the feeling of writing has softened me somehow..i wake up early this morning, even i slept late last night, sit in front of my laptop and tend to write something..i am done with chapter1-3, they need some amendments, though, because after a little later, i would be called by dr. helen to make different kind of changes to them..and after finished with that, i made myself free, reading novel, Safe Haven, a truly wonderful writing when the writer had sure my heart goes with his..and i had a sense that there will a pause to start on a new novel..then, i made it balance by cleaning up all the movies gathered from my classmates;p..and for this time, i had watched more to epics
i was pleased to be informed that there will be another fly from Japan this February,yayyy!!..i should very much thank to him and HIM...i wish the day come much sooner than and for him to finish another year me and him every so often wished;)

load the end of your weekend with things that could chill you out guys!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

is she my twin?

I was done stalking on this girl as i was being informed by one of my friend that we both do look alike!!! omg...! i without any doubt search for her name on fb...andddd....i am deadly in shocked once i saw her profile pic! i feel like browsing up my own profile as i browsed hers! i have twin?? yaaa! we do share a same look specifically on our nose! ahahaa....

my figurative twin! eikah abdullah aku...rosha indie! gile same kan?cuma hidung aku lg pelik siyes aku rase same..same kan??

**similarities are healthy**

roti canai telur

makan dgn tangan...buang sudu garfu tu ;D
I am almost done with my literature review for my fyp, just another paragraph stepping into methodology,heavenn!!!...even i am just in my second chapter, i am thankful to HIM for rewarding me such greatest strength to start working on this..many of my friends still did not set the topic with their SV until one of them said her even hope has seemed to die...pray that a move is made up for her after this...;)

mode: mengidam nak makan roti canai telur

Monday, November 14, 2011


my literally little fikri..luv u..
Good Luck to all SPM candidates who's gonna have their first paper today...especially to my little bro, Muhammad Fikri Yusoff, wishing you all the best for yours too...mum,dad, all of your brothers, sisters and your only one little sister will always give our constant prayer and support for your you!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Selamat Pagi Malaysia!!!

Semalam aku tido lepas maghrib, bgun pukul 1...tibe2 aku jadi aktif dan cergas...dan semangat nak buat fyp ade...siap 1chapter...even baru chapter 1 aku rase bangge gile kot! kah3 baiklah minggu ni jadual mmg pack gile, weekend ni nak kena pegi finishing school..kacau tol! aku rase kepala dah pusing2, dah nak tido...

kekasih2 aku...time raye aji ari 2..gambar arwah2 lembu xleh nak tranfer masuk

Driver tegar drive balik KL..Manager Guo goyang kaki sebelah maen game..ciss..

Friday, November 4, 2011

perangai dan perihal

Selamat pagi semua!

Aku rasa banyak sangat benda yang aku nak cakap, aku nak buat sebab dah lama xupdate blog...sampai dah ada orang tanya "awak tak nak update blog?'';p Baiklah...roomate aku liya ngan pora dah balik kg semalam...tinggal aku sorang2..semalam aku xsedar aku bakal tido sorang...masa nak tido baru aku sedar...pastu aku start imagine ade antu pakai baju kurung cam lam cite Flat 3A tu merangkak2 tepi katil aku...haha...dari semalam lagi aku rasa lapar, tapi dah xde feel nak mkn..tapi aku telan jugak roti gardenia separuh keping ngan air milo suku cawan..pagi ni ajat nak pegi fac awal., nak pegi makan roti canai kat fac, tp tubb2 bile aku online byk la plk bnde aku nak stalk...andddd...yg plg penting stalk BAJUUUU!! minggu ni byk test, assignment, jumpa SV, so bile dah settle semua2 benda tu aku rase nak buat something yg relate ngan BAJU...haha semalam aku dah rse gian nak try baju tapi aku lupekan hasrat aku tu sbb kepala aku dah pening pagi semalam kul5.30 lg bgun..Sooooo....pagi ni aku bkk fb, tengok Jalilah & Kak Fana dah upload macam2 gambar baju for the wardrobe clearanceee!! aku pon dah mula tanya2 bape labuh, leher luas ke x, singkat ke x..hehe xlame lagi mesti dapat delivery baju dari kak fana & jaa..;p Siyess!! aku rase nak shopping...oppss bkn shopping...BELI baju..aku rase istilah shopping xseswai untuk aku...haha Ok, rasa nak kua gi makan sorang2..jalan2 sorang2..buat bodoh sorang2..

ni sblm yaya tinggal aku makan kat mines sorang2...siap makan aku tertido..gile!! nasib baik tukang sapu kat mines xangkut aku sekali..! haha

Monday, October 24, 2011

ikan keli dan kura-kura

teka saya buat ape?

...I am currently working on this...

"Cyber Crimes in Malaysia And USA"
What Should We Do in Malaysia?

I found this quite a heavy topic which made my head heavy just after finished 1/3 of them,haha...this argumentative essay have to be submitted to myVLE which hold the same concept to Turnitin..definitely i need to paraphrase word by word...anddd...i need to analyze all the statistic of criminal cyber in USA and it!;) this essay should be between 2500-3000words...and...i'm working this out for two person, meaning two different essays...meaning 6k words! haha

...terlajak kereta boleh direverse, terlajak berjanji kena buat sampai siap...haha
ok, pantun dua kerat yg sgt tidak la jadi bila aku terus setuju utk buat assignment kazen aku without looking at the task instruction first,haha...sawan**

sebenarnye saya tengah main dengan ikan keli dan kura-kura dlm kolam tu..unik kan persahabatan dua makhluk tu...hehe

di saat ini saya rasa sy perlukan dua makhluk itu;'(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


me...touched and smelled them..;)
i know most of you have been to The Big Bad Wolf held in MAEPS...for most of the bookwarms, they gonna be crazy watching million stack of books just with 8-15 ringgit....the lowest price you will only purchased once a year..people stepped out of the book fair with box or boxes of books...but me, just stepped out with two books...ashamed!! i love books, but i am a slowest reader... i love a book because of its smell, its old yellow pulp, its old cover look and its literary way of writing which would liven up my fantasy in an old daffodil world..this is a world i always be craving in my reading..i always be hoping that a miracle might come and keeps me as a fastest reader..;pFrom Big Bad Wolf:
To Have and To Hold by Anne Bennett
Tho Other Side of the Stars by Clemency Burton-Hill

also got these two books from him bought at mid:
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (that i have been looking for ages)
Suami Isteri Paling Bahagia by Rosline Harun (as an earliest preparation;p)

i'm gonna have another anak buah..congrats sis yanny and abe lie;))

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

black absorber

Since UPM today is having a real hot summer, i am specifically absorbing all the heat and preheat all the heat back,haha;p wearing everything all black just showing me a way back to hostel in form of Sahara..But, i love my one old piece of black...

This is what i wore to class;)
credit to this little cute picturegrapher, lily;))

rather than being soooo sleepy with the lecture...i was drawing this out;p
hope you won't be able to guess what this should be a kind of surprise;))

good night everyone=)

Monday, October 10, 2011

keropok lekor GUO

lepas makan kuew teow kerang, aku terkam kepok lekor pulak;Dmy big bro,GUO...nak datang tiap2 hari pon boleyyy;p

Selamat pagi semua...!!! seperti biase aku akan diupdate ketika waktu pagi, time semua orang tido sebab aku ni budak sekolah rendah lagi, kul9 dah kena tido,heee Baiklah, semalam aku menerima kunjungan abe aku, GUO, my big bro...Setelah aku buat ayat sedih cakap mengidam nak makan keropok lekor, sampailah keropok lekor goreng panas2 lagi tewww kat upm ni...siap potong kecik-kecik letak colek lagi...terbaik la abe aku GUO ni...;D Aku yang memang dah lame cari keropok lekor kat upm ni terus terkam...abg aku pula terus on laptop aku...aku tgh syok makan tibe2 dengar abg aku tanya, "mc sha....bakpo betak parok laptop mu ni???!!" jeng3...aku pon sengih sambil jawab "mano ore tahu" hahaa...Guo baru je bagi aku laptop tu 2minggu..dalam masa 2ari aku dah betakkan laptop 2...heheee abg aku yang ngah overhaul laptop aku tu dah menggeleng2 tgk barang2 aku install dalam tu...aku aku suh aku masuk kursus IT, aku baru fikir nak ambik kursus kahwin ngan pengurusan jenazah...haishhhh

i'm gonna have a speech comm presentation after this...u'll gonna watch nurah as datin sarimah after this ok....yuuueww..;D

Friday, October 7, 2011

about nothing

Assalamualaikum and Salam Jumaat everyone;))

As i am the earliest who slept for every night, so i've got to wake up early every morning...feel the morning moist as day started, feel the loneliness paced in every space, do make me feel calm and a kind of feeling to re-function again; you might know, i won't be functioned and i've done nothing at night...but i would be glad if i can made my way back shut myself in every night till long midnight doing my work because now i start to work on my fyp...After just a number of rejection, i finally got an approve from Dr. Helen with my topic...thanks to Dr. Helen for being flexible with my time, because i met you when i was dropping by at your room without making any specific appointment...i love the way we were discussing things;) and also thank you to a friend with your help...i won't ever forget all your kind;))

still feeling upset with its mysterious lost...;'( guo, i need you to bring it back to me...i mean a new one;p

Thursday, September 29, 2011

telling me a goodbye

.."i am going but i am not leaving"..
this is what he said in reply while i am saying him goodbye at the airport..
As we never celebrate our birthday on that particular date, i tended to create a mini birthday party with him..others might have a candled dimmed dinner, but me....again unintentionally planned out something easiest;p
me....with the meals as part of the props...hahhahaahh
me....busy preparing for the party...;p
these what made me breakfast 23th party of ROSHA INDIE & INDIE ROSHA;)his presents in newspaper wrap..he without any doubt believed as i told him those are keropok i bought him to bring back to japan..yesss2!!;p-little description about his diary-
1-chopstick as penyucuk his hairbun (mintak dr pkcik cafe Cina)
2-green necktie-aku gunting kain yg buat lap spek mata aku,hahaaa
3-butang putih(sbnrnye penyepit rambut aku beli jalan tar,seswai buat indie rosha si rambut pnjg ikal mayang itu;p

cap ayam T...murah ajeww;D
shall we get started my picgrapher?;) of which pose should go first...;p..fake reading..;D
me....reading nothing


nasi kandar for our usual...tea o is a must,hehehehh he is..hope you won't be bored to be my now and forever picgrapher;))..have a safe journey my dear...ily..

at the end of writing this...i feel nausea..because i am updating this post in the car as i am on my way back to Kelate with Abe Lie and Kak Yani for their Sambut Menantu,hahaaa

daaa...fear of vomiting everything out,huhhuhh