Wednesday, April 29, 2009

best chapter of my life...

~**adik**ayong** by**mama**~

tq 4 introducing me batu pelanduk
sorry 4all the wrong that i have done
tq 4 BKC****
hope u'll found a more good n beautiful mrs.mama after this=p

tq 4 introducing me "kepok KADA"
(the most marvelous kepok segera that i ate,wakaka)
sorry 4all the wrong..(also as ur roomate 4dis 2semesters)
tq 4 always lend ur ears listen 2 my love story,hehe

tq 4 introducing me 2 listen on sentimental music(kenny G,havana)
our poem recitation in sem2 will always be in my mind
4all of our "secret story",haha

tq adik,by n ayong 4giving me a chance to be ur mama here..
4dis 3years...

4 teach me on how

to wear the right ***
to head down the streets with high heels
to flirt the guyz,haha

our happiness..
our sadness..
our madness..
will always be with me

meet 3of u is the best chapter in my life...
and promise that this will not be the last chapter
of mine...

..........embrace our memories..........

Link me Again !!!!

to all my dearest frenz...
pliz do link me again...!!!

last week,when i wanted 2 signed in my blog,
it has been stated that my password is invalid..
when i tried 4 so many times,
the result is still the same...

feel quite stress with this...

but i need a long period of time 2 create my new blog..

quite bz with final exam...
messing up all the notes in my room...
memorizing n understanding every single things...
controlling my emotions towards this final...

link me!!!

**...sorry 4dis unexpected plan...**