Friday, January 29, 2010

nasi kerabu rejectttt...!!!

**please exclude the fork and spoon on ur views of dis pic..i'm using my hand oke!**
Me and my bro went out to have nasi kerabu as our lunch..As he woke up and text me to search for nasi kerabu..We went to Bangi merely to fullfill our shaky belly with nasi kerabu...Entering a restaurant named "Restaurant Nasi Kerabu" stated out of the restaurant such exchanging our hungry face to a big smile...
As we entered the restaurant and looked for nasi kerabu...we were apparently dazed when we saw they were plenty of dishes on the big table but just a small table for nasi kerabu..mumbling to myself..(ak rse kt lua 2 punye la besa tlis restoran nsi kerabu)
.....dazing m.o.d.e....
When the man served and put it on the bro unpatiently brought the plate near him..The moment his finger touched the rice had startled me.."arghh..reject..nsi lembik"..
hahahaa..seeing my bro finished it insincerely...

my bro's car with a new "sayap" at the back
can't wait to step into dis ride
nk blik cri nsi krabu xlembik kt kg ak...kah3

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I wish you were here....................

....Once a month, girls might feel this way....
That night, when I saw Thah and Frank were texting their bfs', consciously and intentionally I grabbed my phone from my bag. Typed a few words on the screen and with a solid hope I send it to him (even i knew "maritex"-a system in Japan did caused this problem for about 2weeks) noooo! FAILED!!
That night, I slept in my lonely mind..with a tumbled-down feeling...
...I was sleeping but my sleep is half awake...
...I prayed for this heart not to be sad...
The next day, I tried to sign in my YM..4about an hour I have to wait, but it was still not connected...Felt it's like to rolling down through my cheek but a small voice was telling me i shouldn't...But it was just for a few seconds, the voices had deserted and faded away from me...I began to cry...Cried and cried..Cried like the rain is pouring I was swimming in an ocean all and down...highs and lows...Nothing and no one could heal my sadness...
Felt like I narrowed to a calmness when I can call him with YM...His voice such walked into my life to stop my tears and disappeared as I can tell him how hard I faced to contact him...I slowly began to stop crying...His joke always drifted my sadness away...
Sometimes..all the miles that separated us make me weary...
***the time we spent apart make our love grow stronger***
GOD..make us strong with our relationship---waiting for 6march;( ---

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what a stupid job???

Sneaked out with my room mate last Sunday even having lots of work!!
Zinie had been forced to went out with me!! hehe

**like in dwarf hidden cottage**
setting : bus stop at fbmk
captured by: zinie+her hand

**znie showed her rabbit teeth**
captured by: my hand
setting : 4th floor at mines

We were walking back in uncrowded since it was raining..But there were two freak guys next 2 us..wearing earings and big bangle with a tight skinny polka dots jeans..huuh..did they tried to through a sort of unrespectful or an amazement to us?? ..When felt that they were eyesore among eyesores..we exchanged our slow pace for a full-stop, tried to gave them way to walked in front of us..
yaa..they did it but they used a shortcut and we were up ahead in the distance and using unusuall way..but we met at the junction..quite frightened with them..
With a stare of dissatisfaction they looked at me and zinie..Afterwards, could see comuter bus..we ran to the bus and both of them gave a big guffaw to us !!(mcm nk tgolek2 ats jln diorg ktwe..mmg xde kje) hey!..nothing is funny! then we realized they just startled us by doing that..damn!!! it's not even did intimidate us oke!
....huuuuuuhhh....crazy rite??
but..felt so thankful that they were just played that stupid game rather than harming or snatching our things..huhu**reflection of us**
captured by : znie's hand
setting : MINES's toitoi

p/s: Anyway thanks zinie for outzzz with me
Pora: Thanks for treat our lunch=)

GIRLSS: Be carefull when you go out ok!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a story of an ancient laptop..

***laptopku y suda usang..isk3***
When my laptop is getting slow, dank and improperly working, it did created a big worry for me.. When i tried to log it off it' getting hang..i felt uneasiness because i did not heed and good in any computer things..haha..When it's hang, i took off the charger from my laptop furiously( that's what i always did..easy rite?) perhaps some days it's going to affect the mother board(as i heard what others said..btol ke?)
It's close to the very inmost, ultimate things in life for me..not only for me myself i think as well as others used it daily and nightly..huuuuhh
Thinking of lots assignments and Dr. Rosli's journals that need to be submitted...
t.h.i.n.k.i.n.g mode
As usuall, when problems regarding my stuff seems like encircled me..i'll call my brother..hiiii**2engineers from DENSO that always said proud to be DENSORIAN***
I could see my bro and his friend were ready to overhaul my laptop =)
After checking all the things in my laptop, both of them said that everything had huddled inside it and dishevelled by thousands of virus stubbornly..
having 2antivirus(how came yaa..?tp btimbun jgk virus..), football manager, wwe..all of those things is not mine actually..
**winking everybody**

After a long incessantly repairing+talking+joking+eating they drove home back..
my eyes apparently showed my vivacity and a song of satisfaction were singing at the edge of my happiness having a newborn immaculate laptop...hahaha
thanks to abe lie and his friend(just know him as MAMAT denso..hee)

p/s: don't be so stolidly about your laptop
do care and know about your laptop;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Whoa Willow...kablam dabush!!

*whoa willow! here i come! wink3*
when i woke up that morning, one soft and grace voice seems like whispering to me.."taq, xleh g tgk teater ptg ni..clas gnti ptg ni"..arghhhh..nooooo!!! an exploding shot of frustrated is what i've on that time..a deadly dope melody seems like to play in my heart..felt that the battle of Jefferson will began..i'm thinking of "Whoa Willow" in the final sad..i'm still lying on my bed..thinking who i wanted to call to keep accompanied me..huhu
1. my brother
is the one in my list that will be forced to come along with me..hehe
but think again about the list..ohhh no..asked him to walked within the line will just gave me an answer..
" laa..meh nk g anta..teater lama sgt.."
even i don't know that this sentence will came out from him, rather than not i cancelled my intention because i was afraid to hear this...huuuu
*****emmmm..keep thinking*****
grabbed my phone and gave call to thah,an intended answer i got.."sori taq, xleh teme taq"..huhu
but...felt the world is mine when thah called me back and said "ok taq, on!!!!, frank pun nk join skali.."yeayeyy=)

then, trios of girls in shoes with a different looks each:
1.thah: looked so feminine in her pink dress
2.frank: looked very casual with t-shirt and vest looked so simple with white t-shirt and jeansfrank, thah,taq: captured by taq

we were waiting for the comuter bus until najat phoned me..
"taq, g x teater?lau g ad member bw kte..leh g skali"..."ok! set...!! that's what we are waiting for.."frank said
musa and najat came and we went to dewan bandaraya KL and be there got the ticket from dean and met some of x-pcians..we entered to the auditoriom to watch that daa booomm WHOA WILLOW!!
the WHOA WILLOW's ticket..price:RM18

congratulations to Jebon, one of the main characters in that teater and other UITM teslians on their regal, superb and tantalizing appearance and for a great super fabulous performance! yeaaa....
finished the teater at 5.40pm and we headed down the street to SOGO to had our lunch+dinner..
we were unceasing talking,chating,joking,eating..everybody looks so mature now since we haven't met each other after SPM..(except for some of them=)
met all of xpcian was unforgettable moment..(azah,tirah,issz,najat,muso,yb,dean,tajud,ciko tam,ciko J,jepah, and 1 more guy..sori can't remembered his name,oh my GODNESS)
hope can met again in next reunion in march yaaa!!
** x-mjsc pc 04/05** captured by:frank

***TEATER is a beautiful secret of life***
so, those who are not interested with art,come and watch this first=)

Friday, January 8, 2010

my thursday going out z!

**which 1 i preferred most?**winking2 lg..;)

Yesterday was fulled with tiredness+enjoyment..hanging out with by, adik n ayong..=) finished dr lim swee tin class at 3.35p.m. .walking on the small alley to the bus stop at FBMK..

having my lunch at 5.15p.m. chicken and mushroom blackpepper sizzling+honeydew juice
***xbest sgt pn but bcoz i'm intoxicted with desire+lpr..bantai je!! kikikiii***
we were crawling up to the JUST K at 4th floor perhaps..fullfilling our intended feeling to sing..yeah!!! everybody turned to a freak superstar bcoz of that silly mic! damn crime!!
do little shopping
feel so frustrated with that dress( sweet)
after seek advice from my gengmate
adik,by n ayong: Ma..beng r ma..ketakk..nt pyoh nk napah..haha
ungrabbed that dress is the best way
than getting sick of it!
i was seek for thousand answers..hmm..unfitted my body means i'm getting chubby now? ohhh...noooo
supper (original chicken+cheesy wedges+milo)
(this is your answer how and why you are getting chubby intaq!)
took a cab to UPM at
really enjoyed my thursday nite=)

***sorry no pictures taken..memory full during karoake came yaa!!***

Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm back...!!!

**colour ur oranges dress**winking3***

Even 6days of this 2010 had already is still not even too late for me to write on my blog..huuuuuhh..4 a very long period of time i was creating loneliness in my blog..kakaaa..This new 2010 gives me such a wonderful strength for me to go on living....=)
Try to be happy for this semester...oppss..not try actually...but I am truly happy now..

thank GOD..i'd got confronted for it. After all the madness, sickness and sadness that i have been through in the previous semester..huhuu..(it's very painful 4me..)
I promised to navigate myself to a happy m.o.d.e after this..hope my pack schedule toward this semester will help me ignoring and forgetting it =)

**my 5kg's lit make myself busy and cramped my shoulder this sem**

1. to my sister..4always listening on every of my single problem and heart-broken..i luv..
2. my roomate..zinie..keep accompanied me not even me..but my feeling and my sadness especially during the test and final..
3.frens..who knew all about this..**znie..same height wif me..tallest belong to yaya**

...ALSO HIM...
there is no words i can say for you..
your jokes that always take my tears away
your patience and understanding that always make me calm
your "coolness" are the perfect lullaby to me
**waiting 4dis cute little pinkish**

...just believe that everything is HIS fate...
always cherising your life..

adik n by
wish both of you'll be happy at your new bungalow in S.Alam oke! wikikiii
gonna miss you here..
call me if wanna go for karoake yaaa!!**by n adik in their fav t-shirt;p ..perhaps this is the best capture of urs..hehe**