Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing-kit project!

Salam...Happy third of January everyone;) Have all of you guys setting up all of your new resolutions or planning on something which would groom you as a better person somehow;) and me, yet, did not specifically list what and how i want things to be like for this year, yet i hope the details of my past in 2012 would give a voice for me to be a better person for this year;) Even resolutions weren't be listed properly i had decided to learn SEWING! InsyaAllah;) since i don't want to zerorise my sewing skill, even i have none actually;p, but mummy told me that i was so keen into sewing when i was a kid, i dolled up my only one doll gifted from my dad by sewing my doll several pieces of clothes and skirt to kept her look good. It is a wonder to my mum why i start to loose my interest in sewing which i once loved before. On about last 3weeks, as i back to Kelantan with an intention to bring my baby Yuki meet all of her Tok Bah, Nenek and Tok Ayah (Yuki is my ride ok!, hihii), i learnt on how to sew!;) even i just sewed something just like outer wear which would be a good step for me to learn how to sew into details;)
My first piece of my sewing-kit project;)
Jalan TAR with ummi and young lecturer Miss Eppo!;)
Miss you my little sista! You are even matured than me! and she even always my  baju advisor before going out;)
I love this paisley piece too! bought the kain just for rm2 and sew then become a long shawl, love it;)
mummy came over to subang last week, i love you mum;) you are a perfect housewife, whom good in planning husband's money, wanna be a good housewife and a wise mum like you;) 

And, heart another piece from Jalan Tar, love its colour and pattern, which initially was found by ummi, i tell you she's even good that me in choosing things to be right;)

Oh yes, if those who had dropped by my blog, i kept telling and sharing with you about all my cheap and cheapest outfit i had grabbed or bought somewhere and somehow, because i love to look good same like what most girls do (and i am not sure till when it will be ended). i never asked money from my parents to have my stack of clothes, so, i economically plan my money to the things that i love to;)

I hope that my little effort sewing that simple outer wear would grow my comprehension on the art of sewing which woman should know with;) and with this new hope i would see this thing which previously gave me no pleasure with would turns out on something that can be amended into a business (which already been proposed to my bestie! Miss Eppo;) pray that He will ease my wish, hope, intention for this year, ameen -Ya Allah Ya Rabbi-

Someone ask me to put his pic in my blog tonight, though for the first time, hihii..He will be going out for snowboard tomorrow morning which would be the last time for him to play with the snow in Japan before he come back for good! Happy Snowboarding my boy!;) -ily-

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! May Allah s.w.t grant us with all His bless ;) Hope this 2013 would be a refreshing year for us to start or set up our new hope. Lots of pray to Him because he could and would make lot of difference to everyone.