Monday, October 24, 2011

ikan keli dan kura-kura

teka saya buat ape?

...I am currently working on this...

"Cyber Crimes in Malaysia And USA"
What Should We Do in Malaysia?

I found this quite a heavy topic which made my head heavy just after finished 1/3 of them,haha...this argumentative essay have to be submitted to myVLE which hold the same concept to Turnitin..definitely i need to paraphrase word by word...anddd...i need to analyze all the statistic of criminal cyber in USA and it!;) this essay should be between 2500-3000words...and...i'm working this out for two person, meaning two different essays...meaning 6k words! haha

...terlajak kereta boleh direverse, terlajak berjanji kena buat sampai siap...haha
ok, pantun dua kerat yg sgt tidak la jadi bila aku terus setuju utk buat assignment kazen aku without looking at the task instruction first,haha...sawan**

sebenarnye saya tengah main dengan ikan keli dan kura-kura dlm kolam tu..unik kan persahabatan dua makhluk tu...hehe

di saat ini saya rasa sy perlukan dua makhluk itu;'(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


me...touched and smelled them..;)
i know most of you have been to The Big Bad Wolf held in MAEPS...for most of the bookwarms, they gonna be crazy watching million stack of books just with 8-15 ringgit....the lowest price you will only purchased once a year..people stepped out of the book fair with box or boxes of books...but me, just stepped out with two books...ashamed!! i love books, but i am a slowest reader... i love a book because of its smell, its old yellow pulp, its old cover look and its literary way of writing which would liven up my fantasy in an old daffodil world..this is a world i always be craving in my reading..i always be hoping that a miracle might come and keeps me as a fastest reader..;pFrom Big Bad Wolf:
To Have and To Hold by Anne Bennett
Tho Other Side of the Stars by Clemency Burton-Hill

also got these two books from him bought at mid:
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (that i have been looking for ages)
Suami Isteri Paling Bahagia by Rosline Harun (as an earliest preparation;p)

i'm gonna have another anak buah..congrats sis yanny and abe lie;))

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

black absorber

Since UPM today is having a real hot summer, i am specifically absorbing all the heat and preheat all the heat back,haha;p wearing everything all black just showing me a way back to hostel in form of Sahara..But, i love my one old piece of black...

This is what i wore to class;)
credit to this little cute picturegrapher, lily;))

rather than being soooo sleepy with the lecture...i was drawing this out;p
hope you won't be able to guess what this should be a kind of surprise;))

good night everyone=)

Monday, October 10, 2011

keropok lekor GUO

lepas makan kuew teow kerang, aku terkam kepok lekor pulak;Dmy big bro,GUO...nak datang tiap2 hari pon boleyyy;p

Selamat pagi semua...!!! seperti biase aku akan diupdate ketika waktu pagi, time semua orang tido sebab aku ni budak sekolah rendah lagi, kul9 dah kena tido,heee Baiklah, semalam aku menerima kunjungan abe aku, GUO, my big bro...Setelah aku buat ayat sedih cakap mengidam nak makan keropok lekor, sampailah keropok lekor goreng panas2 lagi tewww kat upm ni...siap potong kecik-kecik letak colek lagi...terbaik la abe aku GUO ni...;D Aku yang memang dah lame cari keropok lekor kat upm ni terus terkam...abg aku pula terus on laptop aku...aku tgh syok makan tibe2 dengar abg aku tanya, "mc sha....bakpo betak parok laptop mu ni???!!" jeng3...aku pon sengih sambil jawab "mano ore tahu" hahaa...Guo baru je bagi aku laptop tu 2minggu..dalam masa 2ari aku dah betakkan laptop 2...heheee abg aku yang ngah overhaul laptop aku tu dah menggeleng2 tgk barang2 aku install dalam tu...aku aku suh aku masuk kursus IT, aku baru fikir nak ambik kursus kahwin ngan pengurusan jenazah...haishhhh

i'm gonna have a speech comm presentation after this...u'll gonna watch nurah as datin sarimah after this ok....yuuueww..;D

Friday, October 7, 2011

about nothing

Assalamualaikum and Salam Jumaat everyone;))

As i am the earliest who slept for every night, so i've got to wake up early every morning...feel the morning moist as day started, feel the loneliness paced in every space, do make me feel calm and a kind of feeling to re-function again; you might know, i won't be functioned and i've done nothing at night...but i would be glad if i can made my way back shut myself in every night till long midnight doing my work because now i start to work on my fyp...After just a number of rejection, i finally got an approve from Dr. Helen with my topic...thanks to Dr. Helen for being flexible with my time, because i met you when i was dropping by at your room without making any specific appointment...i love the way we were discussing things;) and also thank you to a friend with your help...i won't ever forget all your kind;))

still feeling upset with its mysterious lost...;'( guo, i need you to bring it back to me...i mean a new one;p