Monday, February 4, 2013

little things brought endless happiness

Hi and assalamualaikum..  We are on February now guys, time has been driven so fast to others but i am waiting for another 55days;) I am now doing everything good, everything around that i love, my yuki, cooking and hangout with my girl friends, and tonight just out with Jaa having our tea talk, taking about everything seems to be a good conversation about life, love and our future marriage, Jaa soon to get married this coming end of the year and we had shared that life after marriage with husband is a life which we should be worried of because that life is about sharing and saving actually. The thoughts of life after marriage is a burden should be taken out away from our thought.

I am and i was happy all this while;) Even the smallest thing around me would make me even happier, i love to see my baby yuki turns out pure in white once i give her a bath, adding on strawberry and peach air-freshener inside, having a pink brush for my yuki...all those thing were enough to let me knowing that im having friends;) God always kind to us, gift us all the happiness through so many ways. And girls! i love cooking even everything i cooked, carrots will be the must have ingredients in every of my menu, i love spending my time in the kitchen even i just cooked to myself and cooked almost the same menu every day, i love to put my food in my new hello kitty box, love having my spaghetti in a small plastic bowl, put the food nicely and snapped some pictures of them, i love having my tea with a mcdonald's porridge spoon, i like the idea of sipping through the hot tea o using that spoon, i felt release and refreshing by doing so. Ya Allah, thank you, even i don't have different big gifts or various rewards i felt happy in life.

Yes, i know i am not good with current issue, but i did spend my daytime browsing through the headlines at the pantry, i am also not good with sports, which only knew chong wei for badminton sport, i am also not so good in politics, but i did take note how politics cause a big quarrel among Malaysians, and i did not know much about the Hollywood celebrities, whose get the Oscar Award...i knew nothing of them...i only know things around me...things that shown my thankful and  grateful to this earth of Allah

And, i love instagram atmost now! even once i wake up every moring, thats what i do first, rolling my phone screen ups and downs instagraming the pictures of food, girls, hijab, andddd pregnant ladies! i love my life!! Thank you Allah;)

and...! i love my biological alarm alert too! ;) love you ir;)