Monday, December 24, 2012

coming back

Salam everyone;) Since, it has been a long nothing was being updated here, the feeling of sharing and writing is growing stronger;p Life has been so busy as i am now work even harder just to achieve something to be soon there much sooner than i wish;)

Last three days, i am on off actually but planned to work as i hope i could earn extra money for what i always wish and wished, i worked on night shift 8pm till 3am, rains dropped heavily outside and that  last three nights driving seems to be my most tough driving because nothing could be seen just both lights from every vehicle on the road, and me kept saying His name and prayed he would easiest my leave to the office, i nearly broke into tears, not because i sad, not because i was tired, but because He had choose me to also feel the hardness in looking for rezeki;) 

And my days full of its comings and goings, with change coming slowly, Naufal is growing handsomely, Guo is turning thinner;p , mum and dad are going older yet getting romantic and pampered each other, akok is remaining funny, ummi is having 8a's, abe lie is still struggling his ever wish to be richer, haha fikri is busy keeping flirting in her campus;p and will always be my ever boy and my ever man, sharing all of his new religious learning from youtube with me, mybe a man with kopiah doesn't suits me, perhaps a rocker like you would softened my resistance somehow;) i am touched with all your cares and times taking care of me even the longest distance is still recorded on between us...ily;)

Lastly, not to forget, liya, yaya, nurah whom three-must-people that i will talk on phone for one and a half hours get updates regarding our academic and posting, thanks guys for keeping me updates:) and these girls are also my source of inspirations which always remind and be my economics all this while!;D

i initially planned this to be written in English because it's a wish to overhaul my sick grammar and English but finally they are even getting critical ;p hahaaaa  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

random lagi;p

Assalamualaikum! Hari ni meh tengok ape yang dah dibuat dalam tempoh seminggu ni, inilah mainan-mainan dalam hidupku sepanjang minggu ni! 
nasi goreng merah+daging kicap
mandikan baby yuki!
yogurt dan susu;)
carbonara dan spaghetti;D
baju mak saya jahit!;)
sebelum pegi keje...suke baju ni! i love u mok!;)
abang cakap macam mr bean! hee

Alhamdulillah, baru je selesai isi dan kemaskini form kt website spp untuk posting. Isi form dengan penuh harapan, dah lama berangan nak jadi cikgu sekolah;) Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku ampunkanlah dosa hambaMu yang sangat kerdil dan lemah ini, Kau berkatilah perjalanan hidupku ini, pekerjaanku sekarang dan bukakanlah pintu rezeki kepada hambaMu ini, permudahkanlah segala urusanku, jauhkanlah aku daripada melakukan perkara yang dimurkaiMu Ya Allah...;'(

Allah s.w.t. tidak pernah sedetik pun melupakan hamba-hambaNya ;)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

from meat to meatballs

Assalamualaikum. Salam everyone and Happy EidulAdha to all. And while everyone at hometown enjoying the daging qurban, i was working here. But it is so much fun when we had received all the great wishes from customer. Love you lah! haha...
I enjoy my work!
And, after work, i had planned a girl date out with my best friend forever, miss eppoo! We try to change the tradition, ate meat on EidulAdha from qurban meat to meatballs at IKEA! sounds modern right, muahaha..We had our coffee and pillow talk the entire night, love you lah eppo! And then i realized actually we had know each other almost for 12years, alhamdulillah for this friendship you gave us Ya Allah.

Enjoy chitchatting with you!

Next plan with Miss Eppo: Karoake! ahahaha;D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

mum's made

How much i love my mum's made..all these skirts from my mum! love you mum! ;)

**balik nanti serius kena blaja jahit, jimat dan puas hati**

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Baby Yuki

Hye! seems tonight there are multiple updates in this blog;p Getting sms from my sister asked me to make an update about my new baby;p Here my baby go!;) Indie Rosha gave a name to my baby "Baby Yuki". Yuki which comes from a Japanese word which means "snow"! Thanks a lot for that name, i love it!;)
Rindunye Baby Nyannyang!! hihii...nak tukar baby pon boleh Indie Rosha, hikhikhik ;p

2012 graduation

Salam everyone! Hi, its been for a long time i didnt post anything here, i have time, and many things to be shared here, first is about my graduation. Alhamdulillah, i was graduating with a great time, even there's not so many pictures which was taken with my friends yet i could see there are people around me who love me, mok, abah, abe le, zinie, ummu, jang were coming over and handed me me gifts on my graduation day, i was touched with everyone. And to my source of inspiration, my sister who never forget me wishing on every of my ups and downs, i love you! I am so grateful and thankful with all the success rewarde from HIM.

Alhamdulillah...syukur padaMu Ya Allah
orang-orang kuat di sebalik hari graduasiku
nah...hambik kauuu...abg aku yang poyo ni suh letak gamba die lam blog ni, siap bagi skrip (this ohsemm dude is the main people on my big day, hahaha ) and bluetooth gamba ni masuk laptop aku lagi...sengal kan abg aku;D

Monday, October 8, 2012

fenin pre-convo

Tetibe rse nak letak gamba gedabak besar macam ni! hihii sebab kepala ngah pening pkey nak pakai baju pe untuk konvo anddddddd yang paling penting cuti untuk konvo 14hb xapprove lagi! yaabedaa bedooooo!

ok bye!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my album

Try to spend 10minutes of my time before i step into the kitchen for a quick chopping and cooking for my lunch. Yeah, those are some pics taken in March actually but only today they were being uploaded here! Thinking of it's gonna be a big waste if i don't upload them here, and i wanna let my kids know the madness of their mum and dad before went for a date. We went for that date wearing our former baju sekolah and those were the colours of school uniform once we were in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, where we knew each 7years ago. Felt like we were creating truancy by hanging out at the town with school uniforms, every eye staring at us, and they probably thinking of  which school that allows male student with a long hair;p Hope this humble blog would be an album about our long journey and all of our sweet and painful memories would be shared here.

observing: most of his pics in this blog were with his favourite snack (cigarette). ok, thinkingggg...

Friday, September 21, 2012

so thankful

Tgk lah ni mak kamu jadi CS Hero, my kids must be laughing look at this in next 10years;p I've got this compliment from Mrs Imaawathy A/p Kumar;) All the digizens were attached this in their email,femes jap kat digi, hihiii

Salam everyone;)
Thanks to Allah s.w.t. for all the success i had in my life. Towards the end of my degree i was paid with all the greatest rewards that i prayed all through the painfulness i had in my three years time doing my degree, not only from degree, all the pain and uncertainty i felt in my life ever since after my SPM. Thanks to Allah for providing me such beautiful and easiest way after i finished my study. Thank You Allah for giving me this chance to witness all the miracle i ever wish things to happen. And i would be graduating in the first class honour for this coming October. Thank you Allah. They came with all the great surprises and all these tears was because i am so thankful grateful with all the happiness.

God have a bigger plan for us that we had for ourselves

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hye! Kami Indie Rosha Indie!;p

Assalamualaikum everyone!
Just blogging on some fashionista's blogs this morning because i am looking on some ideas for my graduation outfits which will be scheduled on 14oct evening session..Visited one of kak yani's geng, Shea, how adorable and stylish she is in every single outfit she puts in and could be a source of inspirations for most girls;) and, i was thinking of just match any of my blouse with the traditional kain baju kurung, which would safe my money and space in my wardrobe as well ;p Because now i start saving my money for the car, mummy daddy monthly allowance and my soon soon to be wedding. All need to be amended. About work, definitely i enjoy working in digi, but yet now i was also looking for many other stable job, which would guarantee me to have my wedding next year, if not not getting a stable a stable job could be a reason for both of us on getting married  (terms and conditions from mummy) hee

You : Don't be scared of not being with me, Just believe in Him. InsyaAllah.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


thank you for forgave me mohd rosdee, you never blamed me for what had happened, you never scolded me for all the wrong i have done for you...and you never thought of leaving are a perfect man i ever knew...


kids: to my kids, now you know how mad your mummy and daddy are about taking pictures.;p