Monday, September 9, 2013

my diy engagement

Salam...yes it is been so long this blog is not being updated. Not to say, that I am busy with workloads, meetings and classes but I guess more to not having a right time to write. Before that, I would to thank Him for my new life, new job, new place and new people in Terengganu, I am all grateful Ya Allah for my new job, working as a lecturer in MKIC (Mara Ketengah International College). Ya Allah, this is the most valuable rezeki from you Ya Allah, nothing would help me to describe how lucky and grateful I am to be here. Be a lecturer to all the greater and brighter students is a greatest give from Allah. And working here requires me to attend the class just for 8periods per week(50minutes) for a period is a kind of love, hihi.
And yes, i am engaged to Mohd Rosdee on 1st September 2013;) Just a little engagement which ever dream on to diy it myself. And i should call it an adhoc engagement because i just planned it one week before;p Alhamdulillah, He ease my engagement, everything went well and all the things that i need for the pelamin, baju, veil are on the right time to be at the shop for me to grab;)
Yes, let's start with the little pelamin. I choose to have a white+yellow for the pelamin which i just used the paper fan as the backdrop and another props just to give a sweetness to my pelamin:p
Kain for tirai and curtain-rm62
Flowers+vase+photo frame+lantern-rm78
Total= RM 140
i didn't buy a new baju for my engagement, just wear a simple cream people that i wore for my friend's wedding;)
simple peplum i bought from peace rm95 and that handbouquet was made 10minutes before his rombongan arrived!;p
my diy veil (kain net-rm6, pearl rm2.50 (still have much extras, just use 15), white lace rm28.50)
detailing with white lace and pink pearl
the ring

 awesome siblings
 with Mohd Rosdee
my beautifier in grey and two ex-pcians
 both family;)

 the hantarans, simple, cheap and express
 mok ambik gamba lepas majlis habis, lol
 mok yang sentiase bekerja kuat utk ape2 event, xleh nk pass keje kat org lain, sampai demam, that's mum people, always want the best for her child;)
see...iolss jemput bobo uollss..haha
haaa...kauu hadooo?? haha
the end, pray for us, make everything ease for us, amen.
ok, now it's time to mark the students' paper, at least i finish them half cause i will be going to KL this weekend hunting for baju kahwin and wedding's props! ;)