Saturday, December 31, 2011

one little ;'(

Just a little later...i'm gonna leave this little space...andd gonna miss the little space i served myself my little breakfast, lunch and supper...gonna miss the time when i was so much happier with one peace i had here;)

hope time moves fast than i ever feel to have my own house...just for little one;'(

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

as promised

lunch-day 1

breakfast-day 2
as what have been promised, i started to take a look at my book and notes;D ok, let's talk about one of my subject..History of English! in class when Mr. Den was teaching about historical issues, King Philip, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth, Protestant time,i knew nothing of them and understood none of them..but i could understand when Mr. Den was rambling about something out of those thing..these two days i started to read the slides about history and my interest to history came as a surprise!

i am now become a bibik at encik yus and puan adriani house;p...i cooked for them yesterday;D
1. tempe+kentang goreng berlada
2. ayam sweet sour+mix vege
3. sup sayur
4. telur dadar
both of them never asked me to cook, but i am in such a big excitement as i step into their kitchen, feeling pulled forward to the kitchen and chopped everything in their refrigerator to be cooked! yayyy! and a mean of showing my deepest appreciation, literally, towards them for one moment's peace i feel stay in their sweet home;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

study ohh study

just got this lovely Mos & Co piece from kak yani as my birthday present! yayy!

hari ni dah masuk hari kedua aku kat umah abe lie n kak yani...semalam satu hari boleh dikatakan purata daripada masa aku dihabiskan dengan tido..hari ni dari pagi lagi aku duk makan xhenti-henti lagi...buku-buku, nota, laptop semua aku dah angkut turun bawah, sambil bukak tv, sambil duk gayut ngan mok, sebab umah abe lie pkai unify, so free nk gayut ngan number rumah...haha ok, lepas ni nk tutup laptop, nak start study...tapi mate pulak rase ngantuk, byk sgt mkn,muahaha

pesanan buat rakan-rakan: yaya, pora, nurah, pali, roy, ayie, megat...g study nuh blako. especially si ulat buku ainul,muahaha

Sunday, December 25, 2011

study week

meehon bandung+tea o+air suam;)
semua manusia kat UPM dah balik kampung termasuklah roomate-roomate aku..nak tengok cite hantu malam-malam pon dah jadi seram sebab tak de orang kat hostel...;D pegi cafe pon lampu dah malap,suram kat scary je..

study week orang lain balik kampung, aku stay konon nak buat fyp ngan study! tapi stok movie penuh dalam laptop! camne ek?? hahaha

Sunday, December 18, 2011

a day before yesterday

i am now browsing up through my friends' photo wedding...both of them are our schoolmates in pc..these 2, 3 days i kept texting him..ask him to look at their photos..and always ask him when will be our turn..since i have been told by my mom that there will only be a marriage once i got a job ;'( i could see the reason for that and agreed to say nothing for the time day before yesterday, he texted me through skype, "baby, i have snows for you";) he was outside, kept himself freezing and i could see that he was talking with half open mouth just to show me that it was snowing there..he rushed after his class because i could hear how his breath quickened..he pointed me how his car covered with the snow...then inside his house i saw all parts of his house, kitchen, bathroom, bed, tables which are loaded with my one-year-gift to him at most..then, my heart starts to tell will be going there much sooner eyes started to gleam because his act lends a certain air of sharing a love from the things to grow and he'd love to ask me to feel the snow and watch how it all unfold even we are thousand miles apart.. i shifted my sob from one to another until i began to smile once his joke always and will always be entertained me..ily..all i have to decide is what to do with the time i have given..hope that the year is later than i think...

i miss you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011


just in love with that head wrap..from him,wink3
Since it has been a long pause, the feeling of writing has softened me somehow..i wake up early this morning, even i slept late last night, sit in front of my laptop and tend to write something..i am done with chapter1-3, they need some amendments, though, because after a little later, i would be called by dr. helen to make different kind of changes to them..and after finished with that, i made myself free, reading novel, Safe Haven, a truly wonderful writing when the writer had sure my heart goes with his..and i had a sense that there will a pause to start on a new novel..then, i made it balance by cleaning up all the movies gathered from my classmates;p..and for this time, i had watched more to epics
i was pleased to be informed that there will be another fly from Japan this February,yayyy!!..i should very much thank to him and HIM...i wish the day come much sooner than and for him to finish another year me and him every so often wished;)

load the end of your weekend with things that could chill you out guys!!