Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GOD..make me STRONG..

it was the hardiest time here..
i don't want 2 remember it again n again...
so hard 4 me..
so sad..

i need 2 control myself on dat time..
i need 2 control my feelings..
force me 2 study 4da test (since i've got so many test on dat week)
when i'm starting 2 read,i'm starting 2 cry..
when i'm praying,i'm starting 2 cry...
all i know on that time is just crying..
tq D.I.E.R..4always be wif me..
give me call when u got my msg..
tq 4 alwayz supporting me all my hardiest time..
no one in this world know me the way u know me
also 2 my sista who knows about this..
feel so lucky 2 have a sister like u..
u r a GREAT SISTER in the world..!!

i need 2 be strong..4my study..4my life..4my parents n 4my future...
GOD...give me strength..make me vigor..

~believe that everything is HIS fate~