Saturday, July 31, 2010

it dan arabic... mcm si kuning ni ok..muke teruje;D

I am writing this before i off to faculty of engineering for my theater class

Undeniably, it is not mine...It is not belong to me and i don't even want to hold it even for a or two seconds...But, it did walk in front of did buzz in my walking day and definitely it did rattle inside me...Sometimes, it flared and tiredness ran through my day...I want to live without it, it's the best for me...All the way, it may caused joyfulness to others..Hope dawned that without it others will be happy and same with me...

I was undergoing my back-to-udm-arabic class last night...Began with a little sort of hardworking-ness i put all of the arabic level 1 and 2 books...waaaww..i looked through them back until 1a.m..Hoping that i can accept the lesson better and resist all the rumbled action and keterkial-kialan in my class...;D

I wish to make a get-fit plan work around instead of stressing around a slim-down plan..Hate of seeing all the overabundance work..

ok: mission to fac engineering...jaoh 2...jln2 sampai itam ok...sukenyerrrrr=)))

Monday, July 26, 2010

jgn NERD sgt bile masuk toilet.....

As i was the fastest dress up to class..i was fully kurung moden+cream scarf and the most proud thing i wore was my matric card..i stepped on to the toilet as i thought i got one nature's call..
Without realizing anything..i found my matric card was not in the case..With a pounding heart, i peered into the toilet the darkness, i can see the white thing and some bar code on it....

.....ohhh damnn.....
definitely it was my matric card...!!!

Looked at the length of the hole, better i aborted my attempt to get it back

Partly, i have to follow all the constituent rules to get it back..First thing make a report at the Security Department, secondly pay the fine to Bendahari UPM (30ringgit dowh) and thirdly go to the 3rd floor at HEP to get it back....butttt...within three weeks ok...!

I am sooo darned exhausted of losing it !!
moral of the story: jangan jadi budak yang sangat NERD apabila masuk ke dalam toilet sehingga memakai kad matrik..huahua;D

Do not despair, as God's love is every where.......

In everyday life, we often pray, and "forcing" God to give us what we think is the most suitable for us. And if our prayer is not granted, we feel abandoned, disappointed. But, God knows best what is most suitable for us. Never place any bad feeling or intention to God and believe His plan is PERFECT.

When God grants us our prayers, He listens to us
When God delays granting our prayers, He is testing us

When God doesn't grant us our prayers, He has a better plan for us

God is perfect and He gives the best to us. He may give something we do not like and as a human being, we kind of like the nice and the things we want not knowing it may be the thing that is bad for us. So when God gives something not of our wish, take it with full acceptance for God is all-knowingDo not despair, as God's love is every where.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

saya rindu kakak saya.......

...buka fb..tiba-tiba tengok kakak saya upload gambar ni...
rindu sampai ternangis-nangis
sebab kakak saya tak pernah tak bersama saya bila saya sedih

.....i luv u....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

si koko bawa saye terbang

...I love a new colour...
As year starts adding higher number to my age, i tend to like earthy colours;)..Dewy like a freshly fresh flower..try to fly with this colour...;p

Just ignored others when it's time to snap a picture;p
...thanks to ummu aiman for your loyalty as my picgrapher...
cayunk kamo;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

gloomy+dreary o.u.t.

My promise just to mix n match=) we found that the path ahead is not clear..we just off to mines...After a bit while i was the one felt it was a gloomy hang-out..i felt sleepy and having a back-ache..Preferred to snoop around alone while sneaking at some stuffs..some couples overwhelmed me with their knee-jerk hugging and touching...;DToday..with a quite windy+wet+rainy day most spent my day hibernate in my room while enjoying some half-retarded and half-enjoyed movies...hehe
abe lie and kak yani came with big apple..allowed me piercing through some doughnuts in this weather..owhh..cooollll !!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meja Waktu Saye

Seminggu lambat..Dah siap semua keje baru leh buat jadual...

Sem 3..tahun ke-2 ni kene rjin2 lg coz i'got to learn arabic this semester..

:::impian thun bru:::

1. da xnak penuhkn almari aku dgn baju2 baru
2. nak pakai semua baju dgn ksut yg da ade
3. nak pakai semua tudung yg aku ade (mentang2 skunk style pakai shawl kan=p)

1. Buat assignment dgn jitu, padu & tepat..cehhh
2. Happy 2 class

Awasi aku untuk menggapai impian aku....heee..;D