Monday, March 28, 2011


when the heavy cloud was descending slowly...
when the fog was beginning to thicken ...
when the horizon was turning invisible...
she was finally ready...

every move was slow...every touch was soft...
every breath comes heartily...
every passion comes delicately...
every desire comes roughly...
every meet comes together until

she knows there would come a day when the word she writes more times than she could count would be impossible to read...mst ingt biru2 kn;p is an attempt the erase the pain...

but is this considered as an art? ;D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

GOD bless you uncle=)

The one i hold is my new Hazel...quite frustrated with the quality of pic...but never mind..i love you too dear=)

Just to make sure that my blog is keep updating...i have uploaded this pic as an attempt to show my new glasses...haha;D i heart my new glasses because it is cheap but nice! alhamdulilah, the uncle is the nicest optometrist i ever met...outside, it cost me 600hundreds ringgit but with that uncle i got it 23ohundreds ringgit (actually 250 tapi aku mintak 230, alasan nak buat makan minggu ni..sambil buat muke innocent.haha;D) might derive some questionable thought when i am telling you that my glasses actually worth 600..the reason is my "power silau" is now reach until 500 for both of my that pic, the uncle is the man in white...busy looking for the best design for me...and also do scan for yaya in that pic...thanks for accompany me=)

GOD Bless You Uncle=)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dear Allah, the Mercy God...Thank you...


I knew 3years there has been a long and tedious journey for you and me...but it was a rewarding journey from God to us...the longest distance that has been officially recorded between us make us tougher..Be strong to pace all the way out..Another two more years there...Hope patience keep accompany you...i am happy with what you have achieved;)) congratulations indie rosha!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

waoh pauh=mangga=mango

i found the hardest time tonight to..all my plan was immediately canceled when i was overwhelmed with food...

Lepas aku bedal burger ayam special..roomate aku Zinie aja aku makan woh pauh atau dalam bahasa standardnya mempelam atau mangga...Dan bak kata orang kampung aku MANGO....ahahaha;D Lepas tu mata memang dah xleh nak bukak...update blog pon sedar xsedar je ni...siyes!

lokasi: dapur bujang taq & zinie !!

mak zinie kirim..bes..manis...lemak2 giteww ;)

part bijik yang bes tuh!!!

aku dah rase aku bukan berada di bumi...bak kata mat yeng di alam loda-loba...haha ngantuk yang teramat sangat...gua tido dulu...chowww!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

kain burok ;D

Just now i said something to Ziny my roomate...

" I don't feel like reading and understanding...but i feel like washing and brushing..." ;p

Then i closed up my book, put nine hangers into my pail...because i have six pieces to be brushed;p washing and brushing do help me to chase my stress away...believe it! ;D

as i was singing and humming in the toilet my hand paced at one of my clothes..then, a form of smile appeared followed by a short yet concise laugh..ape punye ayat laa, haha..i was smiling alone because a remembrance to my aunt dialogue....

Aunt: Baju sapo tu Na?
Mom: Baju sha laa ni Kak Yam
Aunt: Laa..Kak yam ingat kain burok gapo doh sakni...


definitely it was a piece from my bundle collection...i bought it just for i have to prove to my mum and aunt kaen buruk also can look good ok...;p

tekun ;D

ok mommy...aunty...cantik x kaen buruk ni...? ;p

ok bye!!...updated 30minutes from Mr. Den class...;))

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nasi lemak from japan's kitchen

professionally made by a cook from japan....;p

while all in japan struggling, shaking, shattering...someone in japan cook this as his looks perfect with the sambal udang, cucumber, and the boiled egg..hope the taste as perfect as its look;p

Monday, March 14, 2011

prayers for all in Japan

Recently, we were shattered with the news of tsunami in caused massive destruction all over that country..whole cities were flattened and official says that hundreds were killed...The wave of water was terribly pushing the houses and cars down..also carrying away large boats and even buildings...Does earth reclaiming itself?..God..i am questioning myself..Are all these because of our action..our made of sins and mistakes;'( devastation and sympathies came as i watched all the videos of such absolute disaster..people struggling for helps in the supermarket, all the things shaking..and also about the reactors that are still hot...Many of my friends are in Japan..But thank God they are not in that part of Japan luckily..pray that they are all right and doing well..
.the wave of water floating cars over

everything was ruined

fires here and there

this child alone while waiting for the rescue

what if one them are our families?

prayers for all in Japan..we feel your pain and stand with you through this awful event...stay heart goes out to all of you...GOD save you...amin...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i love them

-just a quick update-

me n guo..sori this pic still can't be put in the right way...mungkin pendedahan mngenai hanya secara songsang begini...heeee
I have disappeared for one week...many stories to be shared..many pictures to be uploaded...hahaha..last week i was heading back to Kelantan with my big bro, Guo for 4days...i have skipped 2classes (friday's n monday's class) now...all of my siblings are all here..happy to have Guo's back to Malaysia and happy to see how Haiqal's n Hidayah's eyes were sparkled with tears seeing their big uncle;p n hidayah is getting wilder now...climbing up the stairs not like a baby anymore..screaming out loud when her mom is not being touch to her(24jam dgn mama dia)
hidayah's eyes sparkled with tears...tkut tgk uncle die yg sihat walafiat bak kata kakakku...hee

...then she's screaming out loud..;D

hye...saya haikal...saya budak nakal...

.konon teman anak sedara maen..tgk2 che do die lg smngt kayuh basikal pagi2..hehee

..i cheerily took my leave and cheerily smiled to my upcoming works..;)