Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BASIKAL TUA tungganganku........

dihujung bhgian atas gmbar di atas:
sila perhatikan apa yang baru sahaja selesai dilakukan oleh si gadis..??

Di kala petang menjelma..Inilah peneman cutiku..Sesudah menghirup tea O bersame pisang goreng ku sarungkan selipar jepun yang bersaki-bakikan selut itu..Ku tunggang..ku kayuh tunggangan ini..perlahan-lahan sambil menghirup angin petang sepoi-sepoi bahasa menyapa setiap kayuhanku...Aku tukar kayuhan perlahanku kepada 90km/saat bile aku nampak ade biawak atas jalan...indah kan kampung aku??mcm2 flora dan fauna ade..ngeh3

Aku hanya menanti apa akan jadi pada aku selama 2bulan ni..terutamanya dari segi fizikal..
wait n see..hehe

Thursday, April 22, 2010

As the time melts..I am all grown UP...

**candid la kunun;p**

a semester was completed..yeahh!! The time melts did make me feel that i have just opened my eyes after i closed them 2 seconds before..The time walking in front of me through this semester just like a soap bubble that had been blew by a girl laying on the grass..I don't even have a chance to hold and embrace it even for a while...(so, konklusinye ak nk ckp sem ni cpt je abs,hehe)

How am i doing this semester?
I confessed that this semester i am much more tougher and independence even i always break into tears, hehe..But, you have to probe this 'independence' from many aspects;D Sincerely, i have done so many things alone in this semester but it do and did make me happier..i have learn so many things..thank you for the disillusionment and experience that i have been through before..(aku kini sudah dewasa,cehhh) The worst of my kind of situation is all the bitterness that's stored away..BUT..remember this! don't let it vividly seat in you heart, deserted it away and the most important, you should be thankful on HIM for letting you felt all the spices in your life=)

Second things that drew me out of my shell was the stacks of baju-baju in my closet,hehe..For this sem, i have bought 25 (dress,tshirt,blause-but mostly dress) Don't judge me from the number that i have wrote here, it is just a number..I don't spend lots of money for that..because i'm not the type of spendthrift that used up frightful amount of money,hehe..I'm just grabbed the CHEAPEST, SWEETEST but ADORABLE one..So, girls...skimp more here and there as you go for shopping..So, if you wanted to be an adorable girl just with a cheapest outfit, come thrifting with me..(bajet adore la 2,haha) Just wear whatever you wanted to wear even people outside said you are an odd little one, hehe

This semester has been like one endless workday without a rest 4me, but i always tried to snap up my time to update my blog..
I love blogging and i love all the bloggers!!

..So, before i leave out tonight, i let your eyes to looked at those picture..
-Compare these two pictures and try to sum up-
My conclusion is......
Si gadis ini kununnye ingin melakonkan adegan candid (lebih spesifiknye pure-pure candid..akhirnye tersengih,huahuahua)

Moral of the story......
jgn bazirkan flash camera anda menyinari model-model yang berpura-pura candid
tersgt la plastikkk..hehe

dun try this at home..in ur blog oke..wawawaa=p

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

teruja nak dapat anak...SEBELUM & SESUDAH

"tempat paling sesuai nak cari ilham"-penulis

Telefon di wad bersalin sebuah hospital berdering. Petugas di situ mengangkatnya lalu terdengarlah satu suara, "Hello...ini Ibrahim...isteri saya sedang nak bersalin!"

"Bertenang," jawab petugas. "Adakah ini anak pertama?"

"Bukan," jelas pemanggil. "Ini suaminya!"

ketidaksinambungan cerita......


"Saya ada satu berita baik dan satu berita buruk untuk abang," kata seorang isteri yang menelefon suaminya di seberang laut.

"Apakah yang baiknya?" tanya si suami.

"Pagi semalam saya selamat melahirkan seorang anak lelaki," jawab si isteri.

"Alhamdulillah" balas si suami dengan terharu. "Apakah pula berita buruknya?"

"Muka anak itu betul-betul macam drebar kita," jawab isterinya lagi.


Monday, April 19, 2010

OUT ! OUT! until she got 2 in 1.......

Sitting an exam on literature draws me out!..out to bring back my merriment in! out from madness! out from remembering all the crazy questions on that paper (ak rse baik xyah stdy tuk paper td,soklan gilee..gile glamer,haha) so, I wandered to mines..filling in my stomach..hot mushroom yee mee sizzling+cold choco ice was delighted me until i felt hard to walk...ahahaha
so, i have to pace slowly while looking at some stuff and snooping around at some couples..hehe

Today, mines is a lonesome place..or always was?;p Several moments of silence past in every edge in front of me..I was gazing out at the brown emptiness around the edge..(ape ak melalut ni,haha) After an instance, a strange feeling came towards me and urged my step to the ladies (literary meaning) To sum up, i got two kinds of stomach-ache..1-probably because of the sizzling, 2-my monthly illness(literary again)..While long waiting for the bus to take our (finally, for the last sentence, i use this word-telling that i'm not alone) leave to upm, I was became crazy as an attempt to erase my pain, haha

...ak tutup post aku kali ini dengan beberapa soalan...
ok ke gadis kat bwah ni pki tdung 2?1st time ni pakai tdung tepek2 kt muke 2..haha..sbb ade org kate muke die bulat laa, petak laa, 3segi laa..muahahaha

gadis bulat 1
gadis petak 2
gadis 3segi 3
"luas penglihatan, luas pengalaman"-gadis
-inilah moto aku sempena pkai tdung tepek2 mcm ni,hak2-

so, ladies and gentlemen, in this post all of you are FREE for criticizing directly but sincerely hehehe;D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ape jadi bile GADIS MELAYU pakai kain sarong???

Feels like to view this GADIS MELAYU..be my guest..
no snooping around and critisizing oke! ;p

setting: L4 421,upm
picgrapher: zinie irine marcello (add her on fb;p)
camera setting: baby flash, no zooming

..payahkan nk cari gadis melayu yang pakai kaen sarong mcm die ni..biapon bersimpang siur susunan kat depan tu+lebihan kaen kt bwh tu..
won't it lovely to have a girl in like this?haha
A look of this pic growing comprehension of, memang budak ni xreti n xpenah pakai kaen sarong kn?haha lg..

..this is not my mom's theory! even thousands of time i have been taught by my mom, this is what i acquired..
Until now, I'm truly wondering why it so terribly hard to manage..This is my home compulsory attire because my mommy completely hate to see shorts as her daughters' outfits at our home:)

HOPE this is not an awful of me!!
~mis u mom~
maafkan daku ~wlopon dah 22tahun masih lg xreti pakai kain ito..hehe~~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Difference between YOU and ME

I'm sure that a love do and did displays a variety of distinguishable features..Initially, we are even mirror each other..But, when it's come to the gift handing ceremony, it shows how differ we are....;p
YOUR hand-grab Rosha
neccessary things: RM..++
venue: a shop

MY hand-made love calender
necessary things: old-free calender, pieces of pics, paper
venue: my room L4 421

I did designed this calender on the previous year actually..But, i used my dead of night to finish it before i jumped into my abundance of work on this semester...hihiii

him: That's why i'm telling you that we are different..waiting 4ur hand made ****...;p
~hope u'll like it~

Friday, April 9, 2010

apabila TELINGE msuk air...

~2drops, 3times per day~

Mse ngah stdy expose tbe2 ak rse air dlm telinge ak ade lg(air y msuk smlm,tp di takat y sederhana)..ak ikot la petue abah ak bt tme ak kcik2 dlu..msukkn air blik..tp ble ak msukkan blik air 2..ye da xnak kua..mmg da thap laut pasifik da air 2..ak pn ambk la "kotobak"-(pggln warisan trun tmurun rkyt klate, hehe) ak korek2..tp air 2 xnk kua..ak mmg da nk ngs..da la jp g ade test..tp ak redha..ak fkir mybe ni ujian dr-NYA sblm ak g jwb test..huhu..mse ak odw nk g clas..mmg ak rse mcm org pekak..ak dgr bunyi moto, bunyi bus, bunyi org ckp..tp sayup2 je..sdey2..mybe tuhan nk bg ak rse skjap how a deaf person feels..syukur2 ak msih bleh mdgr..huhu
when dr. khalil walker gave instruction regarding the test..ak buat2 dgr..pdhal ak xdgr ape pon..so, ak jwb la test 2..know what..i'm the last person who submitted the exam paper..ak rse xleh nk fkir sgt tme jwb test 2..tkanan bdn xsme je rse..dizzy..

mse kt bus stop nk blik kolej..ak ngs..xthn sgt..sbb rse rimas..so yaya tman ak g pk..xpuas ati ngn doc 1st 2..yaya suh ak jmpe doc sorg g..ak dpt lihat dr riak wajah nurse kt dpan 2..mst die kte ak ngade2..smpi 2doc nk jmpe..haha
doc y ke-2 ni mmg baik..

so, smpi cfe ak blnje yaya mkn coz sudi teman ak..2 pn duk men rbut2 resit ngn yaya..die xnk bg ak byr..tp ak bjye..hehe..nway..TENZ YAA=)

smpi mlm..air 2 still embraced its loyalty to stay inside my ears..ak redha..lps subuh bru la ak rse air 2 da spruh ilang..thank GOD..

p/s: bile dpt ape2 sakit (wlaupon msuk air lam telinge.haha)..cbe kwl mental..redha..sbb ia buat kte rse lbh tenang..ingat..ALLAH s.w.t hanya nk uji kesabaran hamba-hambaNYA melalui penyakit..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WANDERing to class in skirts ;D

Like something was slammed my heart to open my closet..Sneaked in my hand to my untidy clothes..i looked ups and downs to all the clothes..until i 'm exchanging my touch for a full-stop at some of my old old skirts..huhu..so..i keep an eye out for those skirts to class...('',)..

some chirpily pics throughout the skirts..hahaha;D...erkkk1...

g2g: feeling like off to bed..but i have a test tomorrow..mlsnye ;D

Monday, April 5, 2010

THIS is our DESTINY............

~did she try to seek for her future?~
9 a.m.
He called me for the last time..saying..that will be his last call here..a month he had stopped by here was the precious moment 4both of us..
so now..we have to step back to our real routine..having date through the screen..seeing him eat through the screen and even cry through the screen
no one,anymore, that will wake me up to study and doing my works..no more incessantly texting..just text him when i have something important to tell him..
yaaa..but he said that i am much more stronger this year
(thumbs up to intan;p)

huhu..mybe we have been apart for two years so that what make me tougher than before..
but..i read silently in his mind..his face potrayed me that he was not as carefree as i am..it's not rejoicing me to let him go..

last night i told him that this is our destiny..just believed that everything is HIS fate..and leave everything to HIM..all of it is the best medicine for him..i tried to arouse him from his uneasiness to live there..tried to be his intimate friend even thousand of miles had separated us..dwelling his life there as his life here..

do and did love and care about your spouse as you are always together..do appreciate him or her..it's enough for me to see your happiness..=)
Don't, at the outset, worry about our future, because it has been perfectly and beautifully planned by HIM..
enjoy our love, let it touch us,stir us, make us glad and possibly even tell us something..
which is..our destiny....love note: i pray 4ur journey there..3more years to go...