Monday, June 3, 2013

rest day

Owh hello hi everyone;)
Good afternoon to everyone;)

Today is my pleasant day again, my day off;) Nothing much, other than my work story..Yes, alhamdulillah, i had improved and got what i want for my work, insyaAllah, i will be working here until i'm getting married next year, saving up for my littel wedding, which just one everything in simple, just having enough money for the kenduri and little spend for some other things(pelamin, baju, doorgift). Everything would be planned in the simplest and cheapest way;)
In term of my career path, i had attended some interviews, for other positions, lecturers and another customer service executive, but i'm having a feeling of not moving out from digi yet, cause i know digi is the awesome workplace. It has been a year i'm working with digi but i never found anything not intesting here or stress compared to some feedback i received from my friend who worked in some other company. Yes, being as cs doesn't a woman's job well but as my sister said, "always be grateful with what we have now, cause there are more who earn even little than us, but they could be happy, everything is HIS fate". I love and would never stopped adore my sister. She's strong, an ever strong woman i ever knew;) i love you akok.

I just want to be happy with my life now. It would be enough i could enjoy my life, enjoy cooking, enjoy eating my little own cook, and enjoy having every little picnic with my boy. Even we are having same activities for the weekend but the menu will always be different. We are not the type of having indoor date out like walking up in the mall, but we preferred outdoor day-out more and more!;)

Look, thank God he too loves camera!;) 

Jemput Indie Rosha at KLIA;)

si rosha indie yg selalu kalut susun makanan sebab nak ambik gmba lepas tu.haha


 oh nasi kerabu!


ni picnic kat Tasik UM, makan nasi belauk beli kat Pantai Dalam


time ni picnic makan nasi lemak beli kat esso belakang umah RM 1.60 je


ambik gamba xpenah nampak gg

budu ngan kacang panjang mentah...fevret!!;)

oh mohd rosdee, if you lend me this little baby, im gonna love u more and more lah!;p

maggie asam laksa+daging

Nasi Ayam tiru gaya The Chicken Rice Shop

lovely breakfast! love;)


first time masak tauhu telur

onitsuka from him;)

akhirnye dipinang orang juge Guo..muahaha

Done uploading picture, oh penat, gonna give a bath to my baby after this, bye!;)