Monday, May 31, 2010

coretan versi si Gadis menerima GAJI...

...Small beginnings come greater things...
Nothing brightens a girl's day like a hint of glitter
just a stack of money;p-sekadar gambar hiasan-
purata nilai gaji yang diterima oleh si gadis bukan berdasarkan susunan not-not kertas tersebut
(snap up the opportunity with the money sebelum bos aku g bank in..gaji aku xsebanyak tue..hakhakhakk)

inilah wanita;p

Friday, May 28, 2010

seronoknye di SAAT...

Seronoknyer di saat bos belanje ais-krim...
**pagi y gelap kini sudah cerah**

pegi keje makan ais-krim..tersangatlah cooollllll !!!!
hari2 pon xpew...ahahaha

Friday, May 21, 2010

akul ah isteri...aku lah mak...

Piercing an apple while browsing through the magazine~Yaa..She was working out of stress, head-ache and datelines...But, in the next 3years,definitely i will work under pressure...
~an apple a day keep my laziness in~
Working during every of my semester breaks make me realized one thing..
"how am i worked as i'm having my own household or having my own baby? i was pacing to the door as i saw the customer holding a baby.. i'm the fastest salesgirl inside who will grab the baby that entered to my workplace..As i hold the baby and when our eyes met for an instant, i was thinking by myself..i don't want to be a mother and wife..But, i want to be a wife and a mother that carries an armload of responsibilities..
A woman has a hand in all kinds of business..
it's a wonder how women multi-task with their chores
Men can never carry out household chores as well as women
Househusband can't never replaced a housewife
**Just planned for your wedding after a number of calculations-be-ready to be a wife, mum and a career woman**

Monday, May 17, 2010


semestinye gender bias di kalangan guru..hehehe

Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers in the world..You did injected us with a new perspectives in life...Do and did drove our passiveness..Taught us become more upfront and confident about what we like, want and need
...and MOM...
You are the greatest teacher from GOD to me
i love you.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

sePAGI bersama Cik Puan Intan di laman

Semalam hari aku off..So, siap je aku kemas2 dalam rumah..aku turun ke laman rumah aku..cehhh, bunyi cam rajin je kan..ahahaha

So, let's check it outttt!!! mommy bersame mr. cangkolkcik2 da pandai drift kete bdk ni..heheberehat sebentar bersama rokok daun..muahahayaa..itu gadis sudah turun padang..ahahaa
berbekalkan sun glass 2 aku rase aku da bleh jadi pemuzik kat kg aku...hak3
si gadis lagi merangkap picgrapher bagi slot

Actually, she did nothing for this slot..just stepped out to the field to become a spectacular peeper ;D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Wedd!ng preparations"...........

Yaaa..As others said that "age is just a number"..
Now...i think it's time......

first, browsed through the package-tried to pick the reasonable onegreen or purple???hope that yellow probably will change me as "raja sehari"huuh..exchanging so many clothes urged me to lay on the floor to sneak in the shoesactually tried to pick his 'tanjak' through the mirror..penin2

mahalnye barang2 kawen ni puan2 patong..puan ke?haha
choosing this pelamin..ok x?

maybe the biggest one will be seat by me in my dream...huhuuuudah2 la tu cik intan..eh2..becoming puan intan..muahahaha~final pose~'s time for her to do a part time job at "Gallery Pengantin Dominasi Etnik Sdn. Bhd" if she wanted to fulfill all of her daydream pics..hehehe

enjoy watching gamba2 poyo cik intan bersama harta benda milik si bos!! muahahaha