Monday, May 26, 2014

Cause Intan Loves Cooking!

Salam and good evening everyone! Hope everyone had a lovely Monday today! There's nothing interesting to be shared. It's just about the food that i had cooked. I am very keen in cooking. I deadly love cooking! Cooking is just a very great way of fulfilling your day and as a stress reliever as well. I really love it and i can't wait to go in into our new homie cause i want to put my big oven there! not so big actually, haha i can't wait to bake, i had plan some recipes ahead (lasagna, pavlova). Even though having a piece of pavlova is worth at Delicious or Serai, i guess i will be happier if i cook bake my own version of pavlova. After getting married, i've cooked everything to my husband. Everything is simple, yet i feel happy, to serve him with my cook, at least i know it is clean :) 

TRADITIONAL COOKING (must-have-budu) haha
kerang rebus + budu+ masak lemak udang+ ikan tenggiri goreng + japanese cucumber and budu!

    tomatoes' and long beans' slices + ike singge + fried chicken +mango' slices + budu!

masak lemak ketam + ikan tonggol goreng + mix veggies + budu!

Asam pedas + jering + mango slices + ayam goreng + budu!

 Seafood and Chopped Chicken and Capcicum + Alfredo Pasta + Tea O

Spiral Pasta with minched chicken and frankfurter!

Pita with Grilled Chicken + Purple Cabbage + Salad + Baby Tomato + Cheese!hee

 Colek pauh!

Colek jambu! yumm

 Katok puru! Sedapnyo ;'(

 Mental-struggling. Eating my salad, while husband was having his rice! dush!

 Grilled Chicken Patty and Mix Salad!

 Patty again and banana smoothie! love

 For my smoothie! add the grapes just to give another sour element!

 Chicken and Squid Maggi!

 Squid + Chicken + Extra Veggies!

 Pavlova at Serai! nanges;'(

 Red Velvet + Pavlova


Cooked these Japanese dishes!i googled the recipes online and i made those! Miso Shiro + Donburi

Ok bye, i am so sleeping now, actually this is a real view in my hotel room, but really had a feeling of making sure this blog is being updated. I nver know, Secret Recipe's Pizza is so scrumptious! soooo cheezyyy! Better than Domino and Pizza Hut, just a but tasteless! hee

I post on my cooked food just because i feel they are too cute in a picture;p

**nite people**


  1. interesting! ja pon ade entry pasal masak2 ni tp xsetel lg still dlm draft! yela, sejak duk rumah ni jadi feveret lak try new menu. roti pita for breakfast! u just giv me other menu for brekky! tq:)

  2. haha,,,yes jaa,,pita is simple, yummy yet mengenyangkan;)