Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baby and Mummy

Salam everyone.
Alhamdulillah after almost 4months of getting married He rewarded us with this greatest give. Our soon little munchkin;) Oh my Godness, i couldn't describe the first time i discovered that I am pregnant. After one week i was late for my period, i checked with UPT but the result was invalid (maybe my fault cause i checked it too early in the morning, mase tu ngah mamai lagi, haha) Then i checked it for the second time, which was on that time i was in Ledang, Johor for an IELTS course. After the two bars appeared i felt like nervous, excited and everything had mixed up together. Then i texted my husband first, followed by my family, friends and like telling everyone in the world! Haha My husband and my mum were the ones who were much excited on that time. On that time im just 5weeks in pregnancy. Yet, the day after i started lose my appetite to eat cause i feel fatigue and nausea all the time. Starting from that day i couldn't even eat chicken, which is used to be my first choice in every dish. I started cannot eat something that tastes any spices or herbs, i will feel nausea. Now, i only cant eat sweet and sour kind of food. I cannot smell others' perfume (including my husband's perfume) as well..haha I cried without any reasons, sometimes. And my boy need to console me without asking me the reason why i was crying, then i will be ok, haha Ya, but i is what will happened once u get married, but it will be different between one to another. Now, only i realise how hard for my mum to raise me up since i was in her womb, masyaAllah, i cannot pay you for all your sacrifices and pain that u went through in raising me up Mok. MasyaAllah.

Even though you felt extremely fatigue, nausea all the time, it is a greatest feeling having someone in yours, indeed.



  1. Waaa, congrats kak sha!!
    Moga mummy to-be and baby membesar dengan sihat. Take care!

    1. tq syg!

      tulah...kak sha keno berguru ngn awop ni...nk jd ibu guano..hee