Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Salam everyone. Today is Tuesday and i'm taking a leave as all the lecturers need to finish their AL, so do I. I woke up for my Subuh at 5.30am today and performed my prayer. After that i back to my bed (it's being ages i don't do this;p), and i naturally woke myself up at 9am. Then i took a bath and performed my dhuha. I feel sooo hungry yet i know that's it's gonna take long for me to prepare my heavy meal which is lontong (as i planned it on the last 3days) haha. Then i watched my current favourite channel, My Kitchen Rules! But, it's the episode that i had watched yesterday, then i started my cooking, made some lontong with masak merah chopped chicken and made my lemonade without sugar. I really like it. It is good in avoiding me taking soo much sugar yet my boy hates it! hee

Ok, back to my real thing to be shared on this entry. It is about my disease Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or basically known as Bell's Palsy. At first once i was diagnosed for this disease, i felt so worried cause it involves my face part. This disease starts with an infection on the outer side of my left ear, at first i thought that i was being bite by any insects, i felt that it's normal but i could perceive an uncomfortable hearing and i felt like having a fever. Next morning, once i got myself ready to work, as usual i put on my lipsticks on my lips i realised that i could put my lips together to blend my lipsticks on well. It is so strange but i just ignored it. I went to office and tasted something in the office, i felt it is hard for me to chew food. When i had my drinks, there will be leaking on my left mouth. And my tongue felt numb once i ate something. It was soo frightening. After i had settled few things in my office, i went to a clinic and the doctor said that it is a nerve problem named Bell's Palsy. The infection had infected on my 7th nerve which the nerve that is connected to all my face including my eye, nose, lip. This is a condition where half of my face will get paralysed. I'm soo heart broken on that time. I don't have courage on that time yet i tend to be relax and literally console myself that i will be ok, and i told myself that i'm the selected one by him to get this disease. I believe that God just wants to test me and make myself even stronger in my life. And i know that Allah swt lends me this as he wants me to remember Him as he still love me. Once i got into my ride, i called up my husband, he said that everything will be fine. Few minutes later, he whatsapped me a link on this disease. I read it calmly until i felt asleep in my office. 

The next day,  i went to Kuala Terengganu Specialist alone. I drove 300 miles alone to get the treatment as my husband far out in KL on that time. I put all the strength to myself drive there. I don't tell this to anyone yet including my parents and family. After seek some advices and check up  from the doctor i stopped at McD, plans to have a burger for my lunch. Sadly, it is so difficult for me to have a solid food on that time, i felts like disable person, i recorded myself up through my phone while having my burger. It's getting harder for me to chew. Even i had my fries, my face and mouth looked so odd! 

Doctor gave me series of steroids and antiviral to cure the infection. After one week of medicine i feel relief. I never done any physiotherapy as it is so hard to make the treatment and need to wait for a long turn. After some traditional massage on my face and body, plus finishing all the hurtful medicine, and with God wills i am getting healthier. Now i'm gaining back my symmetrical smile and grin, alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah swt for this disease. I learn a lot from it. Thanks to my husband for all your sacrifices, your work, time, and money. To my mum, who had taking a good care of me. Family, friends, and my students for all your endless prayers. 

I love you.

 2weeks after my Bell Palsy. My boy brought me out for a movie, after series of home-rest. I love you husband;)

This is the progress of my smile. From assymetrical to symmetrical smile;) How Bell Palsy could change my face. And alhamdulillah after 3 weeks, im totally back to normal. Thank you Allah for this speedy recovery. I'm so grateful.

I'm so thankful and grateful as i still could talk as some could not. Thank you Allah. May you forgive me for all my wrongdoings and sins;'(

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  1. wow! finally updated! hehe. :)
    Alhamdulillah dah semakin ok kan..syukur Taq kuat hadapi ujian ni..
    ye, silalah berblog dgn lebih kerap ye..+_-