Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A little wedding of us

Assalamualaikum...Yes, it's been a lonnnggggg time since i last updated my blog last 5 months. Yes, my bad;'( but deep into my heart i would always love to see my blog is being updated. With the existence of instagram, everyone is ignoring his and her blog as ig is helping people updating their everyday's routine in more flexible way i guess. Take a selfie, post it, write a few wordings as a caption, then ready to be viewed! easy rite, hee it suites more on our palm-sized gadget rather than viewing blog on it. But, i had promised myself back then, that this will be a specific space for me to view back all my joy and pain by just clicking on the specific date. Therefore, i will keep my promise and this will be keep updated is a promise, teeheee

Once writing this, i can't describe what is my feeling. All being mixed up together. I felt uneasy sometimes with people around me. They are sometimes unpredictable, sooo tiresome and what is crystal to me, they are parasites. I am sorry to say that but yes i don't understand some people feel uneasy with me if i get more than them. I always pray to Allah swt not to let my heart and my day filled with hatred and hates to people. I would prefer just to ignore anything unrelated to me. I pray to Allah that i could control myself, my emotions, my feelings, my actions..i want to be someone who will take cautions on every of my talk and action, to my students, colleagues and most important to my husband. Yes, let's stop writing about them. I will just ignore them and i will talk to them only when it is needed. Let's make your life easier Intan. You are not an angle to be loved and to be liked by everyone around! (that's what i will always tell myself!)

Alhamdulillah, i am now a wife to Mohd Rosdee, someone whom i knew last 9 years. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. He eases everything throughout our wedding. i never thought that we were getting married that soon. But what i knew God eases everything to us. From money, time, event all seem easy for us. And money doesn't seems a big problem to us because we did everything on our own. Starting from my wedding dresses, veils, cards, goodie bags, pelamin, deco on meja makan beradab, deco in bride-groom room. Sounds crazy right but yes, i did it! hee I enjoyed my time doing that and i am even missing those times, diy-ing and preparing is lotsa fun kay! For the pelamin i bought the chandelier, flowers, vases, kain for the tirai and did little shopping at Ikea for the deco stuff just to add a modern element into my diy. For my dresses, for akad and sanding both i bought in Jalan Tar and GM Klang. Just cheap ones;p For my sanding, cause the peach peplum is so simple, i sewed laces and beads on it. Omagad, my very first time sewing actually but i sewed with assurance, it looks good for me.haha For my shoes i bought it from Vincci, just a simple shoes but i like the pattern and detailings, and the most important is it is one of my favourites to class now;p

Let's check them out!

Solemnization (31 January 2014)


this veil is originally my engagement's veil, i re-sewed and changed the colour of the beads! ;)

 Reception One (1st February 2014)

 High school friends

 Teslians Diploma

Puas hati btol ngan make up Kka Tie..sampai petang pon make up ni still ok, time ni dah kul5

Sorry, my boy is not so good with all the props that i made.haha

Reception Two (2nd Feb 2014)
 i forgot my hand bouquet, so my big bro, Guo took off some hibiscus from someone's house....pon boleh..haha

mummy. love u! muah!

 I am very concern about colour, i really want green for my Bertandang (act i want lime green), but i couldn't find the dress with that colour with my size, so i decided to custom made it. I bought the kain and brought it to a tailor, RM35 jew! ;D

 he can never act normal in front of camera..that's my boy! ;p

our version of Mary Poppins...le husband looks so funny! hahaa

 my in laws made this pelamin. ok lah kan? no need to pay to the bridal.hee

le familia...sayang smua..muah!

My Diy Project! Yeehooooo!
 le pelamin! ;)

le bride-groom room! ;)

le storybook! ;)

my wedding shoes for all the three events! ;) soooo wearable;)

 after nine years..alhamdulillah;)


 this is my kinda makan beradab table deco..gubah siap2..mase hari sanding men letak je! haha

 my diy goodie bag from kertas goreng pisang;)

yes yes i sewed the beads on that doily paper! ;)

pray that we both will be together till jannah. Ameen.

btw, we never assigned any photographers for our wedding, my brother in law and my younger brother were our official photographer, bahahaha wedding is not an event that we should be worried of, just think of something simple and memorable, insyaAllah there will be more barakah in our marriage=)

To my eating partner, movie partner, movie partner, beach partner, i loveeee u soo much! sorry for all my wrongdoings for these 3 months being your wife! i will be your baby forever;ppp

sorry for a veryyy long entry...enjoy it! hope it could give an inspiration for those who are looking for a diy wedding! All the best! hee