Thursday, September 29, 2011

telling me a goodbye

.."i am going but i am not leaving"..
this is what he said in reply while i am saying him goodbye at the airport..
As we never celebrate our birthday on that particular date, i tended to create a mini birthday party with him..others might have a candled dimmed dinner, but me....again unintentionally planned out something easiest;p
me....with the meals as part of the props...hahhahaahh
me....busy preparing for the party...;p
these what made me breakfast 23th party of ROSHA INDIE & INDIE ROSHA;)his presents in newspaper wrap..he without any doubt believed as i told him those are keropok i bought him to bring back to japan..yesss2!!;p-little description about his diary-
1-chopstick as penyucuk his hairbun (mintak dr pkcik cafe Cina)
2-green necktie-aku gunting kain yg buat lap spek mata aku,hahaaa
3-butang putih(sbnrnye penyepit rambut aku beli jalan tar,seswai buat indie rosha si rambut pnjg ikal mayang itu;p

cap ayam T...murah ajeww;D
shall we get started my picgrapher?;) of which pose should go first...;p..fake reading..;D
me....reading nothing


nasi kandar for our usual...tea o is a must,hehehehh he is..hope you won't be bored to be my now and forever picgrapher;))..have a safe journey my dear...ily..

at the end of writing this...i feel nausea..because i am updating this post in the car as i am on my way back to Kelate with Abe Lie and Kak Yani for their Sambut Menantu,hahaaa

daaa...fear of vomiting everything out,huhhuhh

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i shopped with 1ringgit!

Hello hye my lovely blogmates...!! ;)
Since everyone knows i have always been interested in hunting for the cheapest YET nicest items, i feel there will be no harm for me to share what i've got just for 1ringgit!!!;D On my previous weekend, i have been out with my ex-classmate (Tika, Tihah, Syud+Diyanah), we headed straight to VOIR's warehouse in balakong...! Andddddd....these are what i got just for 1ringgit each! i have grabbed them for five pieces which only cost me 5ringgit!! hahaa..

...VOIR cotton flowery mini skirt...RM1
...VOIR light blue jeans...RM1
...VOIR electric pink mini skirt...RM1
...VOIR EXCHANGE cardigan...RM1
...VOIR red+white striped mini skirt...RM1

this how i style three of them out;p

And......i also got a visit from my super senior, Kak Fana (mrs wafi yang cantik slim molimm itu;D) which left me with a wide smile! hihii she sold me out her pre-loved items also with the cheapest price that i have looked on ;p thank you kak fana for your flexible hours waiting for me tried those in and out until i came out with four of your lovelies;)

MISS SELFRIDGE one pocket blouse-RM14 dress...RM9
MAMAIKUKO de PARIS striped shirt-RM9
Colourful stripes shirt-RM9

A note to Tika: Tika...i am touched by your assistance given, pick me up here on every my decided time..thank you are my true friend...ily...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

adriani & yusfadlie- reception day

This shall be a short one...just a quick update before i go to taken from their photographer, daniel zain!!..enjoy watching these out;)

Yusfadlie Yusoff & Adriani Adnan-walking down into the hall...cupcakes..easy to grab and just eat! ;) see the crowd
now-husband and wife
colour that i've dream on for my soon to be wedding...entah bile,kih3..the scarflet as their bridesmaid
bridesmaid at the back are waiting for their real wed...
thank you abe lie for taking care of me since i was a small kid until now i am now 23 of ages, since i was in standard one, as you arrived at the school, first thing you did is bought me some kuih before the bell rang, just to save me from the crowd, lining up buying the food during recess walked me to the class and put my food bottle on the rack and you came to class during recess time just to make sure that i ate them up in peace...and until now i am in immediately came to UPM to change your phone with my old small phone as i said that my phone was not working properly...and thank you for came every time i need you in UPM...i love you...and i am so proud to have a brother like you..

...may you will be rewarded a happiest marriage for all your kind...

Monday, September 12, 2011

adriani & yusfadlie part1

They are now husband and wife...Alhamdulillah;)

Wishing both of you a happy marriage;)
...Adriani & Yusfadlie...

.me on the reception day....will be in the next update;)