Wednesday, March 20, 2013

another little story

Hi and assalamualaikum
As like usual, once this blog is updated meaning that im on leave;) i do love my off day, where i spend my time doing all the cleaning, cooking and eating, where i rest all my body from all the nagging from customer, but thats job, thats is life, working become tougher all this while, yet im improving, and i learned a lot from customer itself, because we did learn things from the things around right. Ok, i miss my home, mum, dad, sister, and both my little sister and brother, my kampung, all the food in Kelantan, my anak buah which now tuns out as an ultraman as well,p, which i really cant wait for April. Most i deeply miss is the journey back to Kelantan! Yet  im in whole worried with my annual leave because seems like we will be rescheduling based on a different system, huuu..sobbs After a very sad news from kpm regarding our posting, it took quite a time for me to heal with that result, but i know God had a beautiful plan ahead for me, then i work with a sincerity in digi because i know God know the best for me. Now, i promised myself, never feel ungrateful with what we have now. Anddddd, my man will be back to Malaysia from Japan, and all the menus and mini party was literally planned by me now, strong sayang, just another 9days to go, i know you are much strong, after 5years the longest distance has been officially recording between us, now you will be back;) all the worried and sadness will be paid for our restless journey;)

-pictures re-uploaded from my instagram album-

banana and mango cuts for breakfast (until my little bro as me to cut him same like once i back to Klate;p)

baby bath time! at this time my baby was vibrating because i was kpop-ing with my baby ;p

another lovely skirt from mummy;)

having my ice-cream by dolling her up with every single thing left in the fridge;)

bess gilss wore this big skirt and big blouse okehh! haa,,thu pn;p

Sweet Sticky Glutinous Rice with mango aka Pulot Paoh! 

print on print, that day was feeling like combining the flowers, polka dots and stripes print together btw, thats    my favourite kain ever, sooo wearable;)

Many at the office said that im gorgeous this day. Meaning that this pastel stripes kurung made us look that way, thanks Uncle Yeoh;)

Having ice-cream with fruits is much much fun okeh!;)

pasar time;)

another reason for me to adore him more-The Last Song

shhh, im having a silent reader from Pasir Mas now reading this little blog!;p btw, i adore u much my silent reader! ily;)

Friday, March 1, 2013

story of icey and therapy

Up to this time, its my third time having bath, outside is soo hot not like yesterday or the day before yesterday. After showered, i took something very icey out from the fridge, ice cream potong cendol flavour which i bought last from speedmart next to my house. i eat a lot now, i eat what i want to eat especially ice-cream. I filled in the fridge with different flavours of ice-cream after i back from work. I cant really have something icey because i will go headache, but i pretend that i will not get that because i love its sweet taste. i heart my off day, this morning i woke up at 8.15am quickly took my shower because since last two night i wanted my baby to be having her bath, then i went to the kitchen stir some indocafe+creamer to get some energy before i start baby bathing my little baby (because i knew i would entirely get tired bathing her). But my rush steps seems meaningless after i saw and kelt the heat of the sunshine started heating me and yuki, so just went on with my plan, i played fly fm all out loud cause i knew everyone is working unless their maid whom will listen to the noise i created which i think they don't have any rights to scold me..i instagraming one picture of mine with my baby before her bath, yayy! that's a new fun i do love now to post all my babbling pictures which mostly posted on my same rotating pictures which are whatever i cooked, wore and had!;p instagram is a fun invention i guess;)

here are some of the photos from my instagram;)

cause i believe taking pictures is a good therapy;)

**i am thinking of mango with sweet sticky glutinous rice for the next pic, maybe should be postponed next week!;p