Saturday, March 31, 2012

GOD know...

why i always get stuck as it's time for me to write something for my assignments, the reason is simple, cause i'm not good in writing;'( but i am always hoping that my soul would never seems to die;'( language is not what i aimed at ever since i'm in school...i love maths more rather than language, but i believe that GOD know more what's the best for me and i know he has planned a beautiful path for me ahead;)

tomorrow will be attending an interview as English Tutor...but i'm in doubt whether they know and read my resume precisely that i'm expected to graduate on July...hihii

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Kenape yer..kalau pakai merah, lau jalan je, mesti orang cakap..."merahnye!!!" lau pakai kuning, hijau, biru tak de pulak orang cakap "kuningnya!" "hijaunye!" even kale tu striking...;p

semalam mimpi mak bagi permission kawen...maknenye????;p hihii

Sunday, March 25, 2012

roti canai

chubby gile budak ni...gaya makan roti canai da mcm orang tua!;p

my favourite ever eggy roti canai! coz the roti canai is soooo rich!! one piece is enough to make you full! no wonder now i gained more weight coz so addicted to this! and this eggy richest roti canai could be found in Bangi! kedai kecik je, kampung je, kat bangi!;) and this kind of food shall be listed as one of the things that i'm gonna miss once i left upm...huhuu...

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Salam everyone...Those i wore are from Pastelina and one of the owner itself, pregant cute mum-to-be Puan Adriani;p Thanks Kak Yani for made me feeling at the top level of modesty wearing every single pieces from pastelina;)...ayat promote, nak kasi lagi pon boleyy;p

currently, i am busy as a job hunter, filling up every single job vacancies forms and seeking any appropriate place for my little bro to get study as his result wasn't that my dear little brother, Muhammad Fikri, please never give up as long as you still have your sisters and brothers and one little sister, ummi for you to hold on to;) pray that we were and will always be provided a clear and ease path from HIM..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

he said again

him: i'm going and i'm not leaving...

hope there will be no other year for him to be there but years for both of us to be there....ameen..;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

VOIR sale again!;)

Hye ladies! I would like to announce that VOIR came out with their sale till the lowest price at 1ringgit again!...and me againnnn went there to shop just with my little amount of money;))
VOIR long skirt-RM1
VOIR Flowery Long Skirt-RM1
VOIR Grey Dress-RM1
VOIR Royal Blue Mini Skirt-RM3
VOIR Grey Mini Skirt-RM3
VOIR Stretchable White Shirt-RM5
VOIR Green Shirt-RM5
VOIR Tiffany Blue Long Trousers-RM1
Total out equal to RM20! what a big fun just spent 20ringgit to 8pieces..Let's shop Ladies!!=)

p/s: sonoknye jadi pompuan,ade bju murah2 tapi cantekkk! sori, renyukkk sekali baju2 itu sebab bru lepas basuh, perah abis kuat sebab nk bagi cepat kering nak masuk blog...hihii

in half


Since it has been quite a long i didn't write anything to my blog i think it's better for me to get back rather than my kids start questioning me for being lazy to update this! in the future i mean;p thing went as same as my previous weekends, went for a jog alone...and i felt really energetic today, i can run more rather than walk, hee..everyone now is start going rush completing their fyp and me just half with my analysis...there are some who keep wondering about their fyp yet do nothing for it..i think all you have to decide is what to do with the time you have given, not asking for more time to do it...;) and me...since it's been so long i didn't take my own picture, and really miss the time of it, last two days i went to a bench under a big tree and which i believed nobody would see what i am doing;p struggling set the time, run and get back to my phone again in the windy evening until my phone was getting down to earth...hahahaa, padan are some pics came in half...;p ......

congrats to ex-pcian lovely azzah and ummar also to aimie liyana and afif for your happy day..hope both of you can be a wife to jannah to both your husband..i am soooo happy for both of you...barakallah..;)