Saturday, February 27, 2010

Theater again..BERNARDA ALBA!!!

...A powerful matriarch who imposes a strict rule on her five daughters...
"Not a breath of outside air is going to enter this house. It's going to feel like we've bricked up the doors and windows"....

...with their portrait....
am i in holand?..;D
Align CenterHandling a trip, bring my course mate to watch theater as was asked by DR. Rosli did make me weary..
going up and down, in and out BHEP block everyday
entering the TNC's room after class
waiting for the DEAN to get his signature
calling KLpac 4 hundred of times
working so hard every night and day, had paid me back
a satisfaction was etched in my heart when
everything walked like what i've plan
everyone was eager and mesmerized with KLPac
~~their happiness was dancing at the edge of their heart~~

=holding the 10% discount=

better u say she's looking gud in dis pic...hahaha

Hope BERNARDA ALBA make you feel the taste of life
and permeating through your vein..;D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

holiday oh holiday!!!

going back to my kg!!! funnnnn wooo!!!!

We departed from kl at 4a.m (nseb bek ak ade, kjut abg ak tdo spruh mati..hak3)

Stop at Kelulut-Rosha Indie mngidam nk mkn kpok tgnu..ahakss

Some people may will spend their money and time vacationing in somewhere luxurious interesting place..but for usual..when holiday's come..shaking my legs..relaxing all of mine at my home..
bak kate org,rmahku syurgaku..hehe

That's no trifle to say actually
Let's have a look, what i have done in my sweet, sweeter and sweetest holiday!!! ~~ngeeee

~~~opppss..all of my babies~~~

washing and hanging all of them..(skit tlinga kne kepit seko2=p)

Haiqal+Tok Bah-who is the "sifu" actually?..haishh

**sending umi to hostel**

...To my little sista...
find your ceaseless joy there
and resist ur mournful feeling

(even i knew sms tengku faris petra have a very tough rule!)

no more homesick oke! =)

still in progress finishing all of my assignments..huhu
...Hope i still have time to finish it and would return merrily to UPM tomorrow nite...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

...dari meja pengarang...

...dari satu sudut meja pengarang...
As we've got so many task from Lim Swee Tim (poem, short stories,novelette) everybody was apparently dazed particularly me myself..cause i knew I'm not good in writing like others..^_^**holding 'masih'**

It did give me a big worry and I was petrified as he asked us to write 5poems, 3short stories and a novelette..Sometimes, thinking that this is sort of persecution on me..Seems like it singling me out!

While doing this, I find it was hard and difficult..weary..I knew i was not able to negotiate all the difficulties successfully...people around me can see all of my tears, angry, insanity and madness toward this...hahaha..

I seized this weekend...dis-emptying every single days in front of my laptop, letting my fingers dancing on the keyboard, creating a loyalty side of my eyes to the screen, putting myself sit vividly on the chair+ a small pillow at the back..
finishing up all of his work=)**the writer**
Special thanks is owing to him for letting us gaining an experience to become a good writer like him..I knew everybody was unbelieving that they will obtain the prose unconsciously(perhaps we can compile it some days..ahaks)..apparently we won't do it without being asked by a lecturer....
Now..preparing myself to another assignments that are waiting for me to come and grab them away from the list
Hope path ahead is clear and some sort of serenity is waiting for more tears girl!!=)
-some captures "dari meja pengarang"

"sepi itu indah...,"
-pengarang serenity...

**all these four-need to be balanced**