Monday, December 24, 2012

coming back

Salam everyone;) Since, it has been a long nothing was being updated here, the feeling of sharing and writing is growing stronger;p Life has been so busy as i am now work even harder just to achieve something to be soon there much sooner than i wish;)

Last three days, i am on off actually but planned to work as i hope i could earn extra money for what i always wish and wished, i worked on night shift 8pm till 3am, rains dropped heavily outside and that  last three nights driving seems to be my most tough driving because nothing could be seen just both lights from every vehicle on the road, and me kept saying His name and prayed he would easiest my leave to the office, i nearly broke into tears, not because i sad, not because i was tired, but because He had choose me to also feel the hardness in looking for rezeki;) 

And my days full of its comings and goings, with change coming slowly, Naufal is growing handsomely, Guo is turning thinner;p , mum and dad are going older yet getting romantic and pampered each other, akok is remaining funny, ummi is having 8a's, abe lie is still struggling his ever wish to be richer, haha fikri is busy keeping flirting in her campus;p and will always be my ever boy and my ever man, sharing all of his new religious learning from youtube with me, mybe a man with kopiah doesn't suits me, perhaps a rocker like you would softened my resistance somehow;) i am touched with all your cares and times taking care of me even the longest distance is still recorded on between us...ily;)

Lastly, not to forget, liya, yaya, nurah whom three-must-people that i will talk on phone for one and a half hours get updates regarding our academic and posting, thanks guys for keeping me updates:) and these girls are also my source of inspirations which always remind and be my economics all this while!;D

i initially planned this to be written in English because it's a wish to overhaul my sick grammar and English but finally they are even getting critical ;p hahaaaa