Tuesday, January 24, 2012

random holiday's update

me...working again!!! ;D

another lovelies from bundle

hidayah struggle nk sangkut spec ni kt hidung...hidung kecik!

big bro and little bro

Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends and lecturers...and since i have browsed that most of my friends are engaged and married in their fb's post, wishing all of you happy marriage! pray that my turn will be much sooner..ameen;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

hostel made mee bandung

selamat pagi semua!
Sebab rase dah gian sangat nak masak, kitorang plan nak buat mee bandung...Mee Bandung Seafood, sebab payah nak beli hidupan akuatik versi real, so kami beli hidupan akuatik versi bulat-bulat dan petak-petak macam ni, haha..budak2 ni memang dah pengsan balik bilik g beli barang-barang nak masak, aku pulak memang lagi suka masak sorang, senang, ikut suka aku nak letak ape..aku siap cakap lagi.."eh2, taq msk sore xpo..sex mu g tido"...haha nampak sgt tak nak bagi diorang masak kan;p

kami bujang lagi, meja pon alas surat khabar je (:
sem depan kena buat meeting "Geng Dapur 421" untuk mengelakkan keserabutan yang dirasai tuan side;D an update to get back my feel for my last paper..Discourse Analysis..!=)

Monday, January 9, 2012

a new age for him

a mini birthday bun for him as his birthday cake ;p

Salam everyone..i was fully scheduled with revisions and exams last week..exam is just an exam, but if you think exam would help you gain knowledge it would be one good thing, not just sitting your exam just to fulfill the need of the questions and pass the exam with good grades but forget them once you finished the exams...i learned a lot about how this would effect our level of maturity and thinking from a friend and lecturer..after the exam, i checked my answers not because i was worried about my marks yet i hope by doing so i won't keep a wrong knowledge;)

And to him...happy birthday, i can't afford u a Choc Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe, even just for a slice, but that little mini bun i bought, deco with all the childish little wishes paper hope would let you know how much i am happy to be with you in your new age..but don't worry, you haven't aged even a day;p and as for your birthday present, i read you this quotation which i knew this when i studied for one of my subject,teeheee

"Men with long hair will generally be judged as less conservative than those with shorter hair"
- Joseph A. Devito-
happy to see it's growing, growing more than mine ('',)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year 2012!!

someone is watching me eat these!=)
Happy New Year everyone! seems like 2011 is a little short year that had been paced because everything went well and fully with happiness...since everybody has set their resolution, and me letting myself to set one of it silently in my heart;)

me and him having our 6th anniversary on this 1.1.2012
revealing our love story since we are in mrsm pc last night;)