Tuesday, March 30, 2010

black n white crew-FUN!!!!

-Intan Aishah Yusoff as Multimedia Executive-

CUCI-CUCI SERVICES' crew without our CEO-Nicholas Nathan

a pose obtained as the photographer said "say cheese"with our big father...;D

Having fun after spending my weekend preparing for MGM presentation
(final report for our CAR WASH)

As this subject known as a hectic subject for most students..Same like me lah..Sleeping at 4a.m editing all the reports and slides is worth as we could create a big satisfaction in our lecturer's heart=)

This week is labelled as my critical week..peering with headache,aspirin,books, notes, food-absolutely!
Plus my terrible time doing my literature..analyzing the poem, fiction and drama..such imitating me to Shakespeare;p
(think of redeem my weekend)

thanks to :
ummu aiman-4 always being my supportive assignment mate
zni+pora+yaya-4being my cool room mate
guys-4sharing and giving ur assignments;p

Feel so release because i can see the reduction on my assignment list..
one by one starts shaking their hands and saying me good bye=)
Feel some sort of serenity is keep accompanied me at this time
**cukenye kje sekolah ciap;)**

love note: for him, sorry if i did make u feel ignored...~~i.l.y~~

Friday, March 26, 2010


why i'm feeling upset as i'm browsing my frens' blog...huhu

kdg kala skit 2 dtg..
mgkin xde y nk thu sal hdupku lg
mgkin xde y nk thu kgembiraanku lg
b'bgi2 mgkin ade...

tp ak thu DIA sentiase di sisiku..

√£nyone-tq 4dropping by on my blog..
mode: exhausted (finishing MGM)
wanna sleep..daaa~~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what will happen when......

*dun want 2 think how n when it' will be completely finished*

Abundance of work completely leave an insanity side to me!! As I need to rush here and there every time..My 'buziness' revealed what happened to all of my stuff;D ..check it out!!

my wardrobe-before

my wardrobe-after

BEFORE-put more books

AFTER-sneak in more food

more "obat" needed-*always got headache=(

i miss my "aristocratic" home life=(
~no stress~
~no headache~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

InDiE walk in KL...

What an upbeat feeling i have for my weekend!!! There's nothing much could be read here, just some uploaded pictures could be browsed!

MY 1ST DAY~why he is so ashamed?..omaigod..i'm not flirting him;D~
~hungry face~**x-pc reunion**
**x-pt reunion**

---indie pace---ignoring each other;p...she's slurping...

how 2 use this haa?
-mesmerize kaa?indie walk crew~~
i'm laying, he's snapping
~trios stalker~
ok..ready..1,2,3.."saya lpar laa..jp g mkn ek?"-girl under the umbrella

MY 3RD DAY-saya & dia-Rosha IndieIndie RoshaTenz 4dis Indie Rosha..love+++..;D
thumbs up to our "camera man" -celok!!!

After having 3days "indie walk in KL" turning back to my assignments and test..huhu
so lazy laa;D

Friday, March 5, 2010

what a hectic life i ever had..

Having a very hectic schedule this week..oppss..not only for this week actually, starting from the beginning of the semester until now...huuuuhh

...Every single day was packed with plan and schedule...
Sometimes i got dizzy and felt my body was jiggling as i woke up every morning..if there is a spark of upbeat feeling left in my grasp, i'll hold it both with my hand..
Doing assignments in group sometimes did etched a srunchy inside my heart..
Sometimes, i was muttering about their irresponsible action throughout our assignment..but..i knew i shouldn't..a sincerity needed in doing any job rite...huhuu
Students will not be able to evolve themselves if they haven't an intention to evolve themselves..
the time melts into nothing and nothing's changed..

CAR WASH for MGM 3180Ouchh...everybody tried to show their retarded pose..haha
Today is the last day we were having car wash..Yes, this did give unrejoicing feeling inside
1. pasting all the posters
2. distributing all the flyers

3. washing all the cars

Deep down, i knew everyone was having an overwhelming buoyant feeling as they entered into their new shiny and fragrance car(as we've sprayed a lavender perfume inside the cars)

Thumbs up to Cuci-Cuci Services' Crew !

...I have a pretty eventful weekend planned up...
***brimming with desires***~a kind of half sick pose~

Hope no more pressures waiting for me in completing all of my task!!